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  1. New AMD Pc Build Snow Leopard install

    did get networking working mostly looking for video drivers for msi nvidia 560 ti
  2. New AMD Pc Build Snow Leopard install

    Hey sorry about the long time to respond finally got around to doing this and i got snow leopard 10.6.3 installed currently. Need all drivers tho and im having trouble finding any. Motherboard and video card are listed above anyone that can give me some direction on this.
  3. Just built a new pc and im looking to do mac install on this. Specs are Mobo GA 990xa-UDA Processor AMD FX 8120 8 Core 16 gig Vengence Ram 2gb Nvidia 560 TI MSI Twin Frozr I come from all intel based pc's so switch to amd has me a little confused as to what version of mac i can install on this. Any help would be helpful thanks !
  4. Hp-Dv6-2155dx

    i did the intel gma 4500mhd not supported.
  5. Hp-Dv6-2155dx

    well after a bit of research it seems the video card isnt supported at all
  6. Hp-Dv6-2155dx

    ok for the record just got it to work HORRAY! it was the intel video drivers had to remove those. now i need video drivers and to make the keyboard/mouse work. Network drivers i also need and this is all working good!
  7. Hp-Dv6-2155dx

    Any ideas still nothing. Keeps hangin on initial load and
  8. Hp-Dv6-2155dx

    it hangs every time and the last line is voodoobattery will just hang there for ever i assume that has something to do with the laptop battery option i selected during install trying a new install with that unselected to see what happens any other ideas? also the busratio i use i got from another forum from someone with sucessful install of 10.6.3 thats y i use that
  9. Hp-Dv6-2155dx

    Ok soooo. Trying to install the new Lion iatkosl2 using these settings and it ends up installing but on boot i get the circle with a line through it. Also note that on boot i have to do cpus=1 busratio=16 -x. Selected the following options at install - Cham bootloader graphics enabler built in ethernet (a few other auto selected ones it says are necessary) non achi sata support none for sound or video as only video options are nvid/ati and its just intel based left sound and network alone figured i could figure that out post install Trying another fresh install and will post the -v after that so i can give more detailed info as to whats happening. If anyone has any early ideas as to where im going wrong please let me know.
  10. Hp-Dv6-2155dx

    Has anyone tried installing Snowleopard or lion on this laptop yet? i have tried and failed a few times so far still working on it for now was wondering if anyone else tried
  11. i currently have mac osx 10.4.10 installed and working fine but id like to upgrade to leopard ive heard that a lot of msi motherboards arnt compatable would anyone be able to tell me if i will be able to get leopard working on this mobo and what version i should use? before i go formating this instal to just have to reinstal if leopard failsanyone able to answer this ive looked around and havnt found anything about this mobo and leopard
  12. 10.4.7 - 10.4.9 help

    finally got it was able to update from 10.4.7 - 10.4.10, fix restart issue and realtek880 sound issue
  13. 10.4.7 - 10.4.9 help

    Well after hours of searching and frustration figured id post this i just installed 10.4.7 jas .. and with out downloading a full 10.4.8 is there any way to update to 10,4,8 or .9?