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Help installing OSX Lion on my 2core Intel Atom d510 with x64 SSSE3 ?


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hi there... anyone got the OSX Lion working with the 2core/4threads Intel Atom x64 D510 SSSE3 SSE3?


i've one MB Gigabyte GA-D510UD with 4GB ddr2 ram with AHCI enabled and

HPET 64bit enabled... i know its a low spec hardware for lion! but i want to try it even so.



when i try the

chameleon usb install the systems hangs on the BIOS.. very strange! already tried with different USB sticks, but always got the same issue. any special trick to install lion in this system? what is the best way to try on this?


any tutorial? thanks for all the help




Processor Number D510

# of Cores 2

# of Threads 4

Clock Speed 1.66 GHz

L2 Cache 1 MB

DMI 2.5 GT/s

Instruction Set 64-bit

Instruction Set Extensions SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3





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HE hey buddy, I have a d510 in an asus eee box eb1012p running mavericks perfectly with a patched kernel for whitelisting, and appleintelcpupowermanagement works, too. I also had the ebios errors, but after couple of minutes, after many ebioses' errors, I got chameleon boot. I booted the first try and after install and copied mach_kernel, first try first working. had an ion2 which has qe/ci.

its possible if you wait. After install you no longer get ebios errors.

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