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  1. Does nvidia ion2 work in OS X?

    It works on any version that supports the geforce 210, the ION 2 itself is a GT218 derivative, and geforce 210 is GT218 as well. I have a Asus nettop called the EEE Box, model EB1012P. Has a pine-view Atom d510 @ 1.67Ghz, and an ION2. It works with an atom kernel is mavericks Golden Master 13A598 (before public 10.9/GM final, both of which have build # 13A603) Full QE/CI and VoodooHDA HDMI audio semi-works, it starts to shutter after 12-15 minutes playing, you have to go to audio midi and re-select the audio frequency to get it back. I also tested 10.9.0 public, 10.9.1, 10.9.2, 10.9.3. The atom kernel I use is darwin 13.1.0 which is the 10.9.1 kernel. Also audio for my net top is an ALC662 and works with voodoo as well. Also, if the geforce 210 is supported on an OS X version, chances are the ION 2 will too. And it was never worked on, to answer your question, since it was always compatible since it was heavily based on the geforce 210 (GT218). (Also, the ION 2 is too GT218) Heck, the development and lots of times public name was GT218-ION. ION 2 stands for second generation ION.
  2. HP G62T and nVidia Ion 2

    Hey this topic has not been updated in a while, so I thought I'd give you some information. I recently purchased a used Asus EEE Box (It's a nettop) It came with an atom D510 pine-view dual core at 1.67GHZ with hyper-threading. I managed to slam in not leopard, snow leopard, or lion, but Mavericks! Well It runs quite well actually. It has too an ION 2 and FYI it is a copy of the geforce 210 desktop at a slightly slower clock speed (both have GT218), so it means it is perfectly supported. The only challenge is it won't work with netbook models with ION 2, reason being that in the netbooks it has a dynamic switcher between the ION 2 discrete and gma3150 cpu integrated. Therefore since OS X is not compatible with that dynamic gnu switcher, only the GMA 3150 is enabled since it is default, and no Graphics Acceleration or anything. In the nettops such as mine it is different, since no power or battery restrictions have to be met, (It runs on a external DC power adapter) the ION 2 is default AND no such dynamic switcher was ever implemented in nettops, so the integrated gpu GMA3150 will not be used. Also my EEE Box is model EB1012P. So, on any OS X that should support a Geforce 210 the ION 2 will work too. (i.e. QE/CI for geforce 210 means ION 2 also)
  3. HE hey buddy, I have a d510 in an asus eee box eb1012p running mavericks perfectly with a patched kernel for whitelisting, and appleintelcpupowermanagement works, too. I also had the ebios errors, but after couple of minutes, after many ebioses' errors, I got chameleon boot. I booted the first try and after install and copied mach_kernel, first try first working. had an ion2 which has qe/ci. its possible if you wait. After install you no longer get ebios errors.
  4. Hello again, I am having problems with my Hackintosh: Spec: Asus M5A78L-M LX3 AMD FX-4100 8GB of ram in pair Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5570 1GB DDR3 I extracted DSDT with MaciASL, it gave me an amazing (whopping) 201 errors! I am trying to patch DSDT for HDMI audio, even the HDMI audio chipset is detected via System Info (device_id=aa60 ("Redwood HDMI audio") Well in reality it's a physical DisplayPort connection, but since DP can go DP++ to send precisely the same HDMI signals (video+audio) over a DisplayPort cable, with a passive adapter at the end to give hdmi output. It works great, if it were not for the missing audio. I cannot patch DSDT, I tried for hours and since I do not understand DSDT edits so well, I gave up. Try to patch it for only HDMI audio and get it to patch without errors (Warnings, etc allowed) DSDT was saved in disassembled ASL file, wouldn't work with ACPI machine binary (.AML) Since here I cannot upload ASL, I renamed it .txt, just switch it back to .ASL once you download. (The TXT converted version even opens in textedit) Thanks so much, if anyone gets me a good dsdt I will owe you big time.System DSDT.txt
  5. You don't need to flash pc cards (GPU) if you use chameleon, once chameleon boots in a mac pro, it does precisely the same thing to enable your gpu and boot screen, since it uses bios to initialize the gpu. Therefore if you used BIOS only gpu on native efi boot, voila, no boot screen.
  6. I would suggest a build with this: Core i5 with locked multiplier-2.6-3.4 Ghz Clock speed Gigabyte motherboard LGA 1155 with preferable Realtek ALC 88x, Atheros 8151 ethernet, or Realtek 8111, 8102/8103, 8101, etc. Radeon HD 6870 Seasonic 430-600 watt PSU If I had the budget that's what I would do, perfectly compatible.
  7. Mavericks on AMD FX 8320 - Working!

    I have an almost identical motherboard, the M5A78-LM-LX3 (No USB3)that I paired with an FX-4100 and HD 5570 (sapphire). Unbeatable combination. Right off the bat, I created a MyHack Installer, replaced mach_kernel with one of kronzokva's kernels, and I got full QE/CI first boot! I noticed also right off the bat that my board had an Atheros AR8161 chip, so I installed a linux port an it worked too. My CPU is recognized as a "Quad Core Intel Xeon" running at 3.6 Ghz. My DDr3-1333Mhz ram is fully detected, albeit at 400Mhz [reported] speed. I can extend displays, VGA+Displayport converted to hdmi passive adapter. DVI+VGA working too. DVI=DP++HDMI Not tested. GPU is recognized as "AtI Radeon HD 5500/5600 Series 102" Again My CPU is detected as something" but not the official name. However, in a verbose boot, one of the first lines says something like: autodetectcpu.....until I clearly see AMD FX-4100 Quad Core Processor. It recognized all 8 threads of the cpu but the logical cores (emulated threads) are deactivated. Keep in mind all of this is run with a 64 bit kernel, Userland, kernel_task, and Finder. All Apps launch, whether it be Chrome, Myhack (Wouldn't run in Phenom build with legacy kernel). Keep in mind you might as well forget about AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement and Sleep.
  8. He's right, with some kexts in the net, you can enable resolution change but no qe/ci whatsoever.
  9. Help on enabling ATI Radeon HD 3000 (Chipset GPU)0

    Please if you view my thread, try to reply if you know anything at all. There are many views but no replies.
  10. Hello again, This time I have a problem with Displayport audio with my 5570 gpu. In the application "System Info" (downloaded) I can see the device ID of the sound device in my gpu. It says: Redwood HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 5600 Series], the reason it says 5600 is because it and 5500 series are basically identical: based on the same thing. I also have the Displayport, not HDMI version of this card, and I can boot from display port with a DP-HDMI adapter (passive; the DisplayPort goes to DP++ mode, and sends HDMI signals) I do not have an Intel platform, it is an Asus M5A78-LM-LX3 board with an FX-4100 cpu, and with bronzokva's 10.7.4-5 kernel. It is very reliable, no issues apart from audio, since the Atheros AR8161 is working with another extension (ALXEthernet.kext). I boot Lion 10.7.4. The GPU does have QE/CI, as can be proven by a translucent menu bar, and does not lag at anything (animations work perfectly) However, I would like to enable DisplayPort audio, more alike HDMI because the GPU is sending HDMI signals instead through the port. I will extract a DSDT with MaciASL and put it up here if anyone would like to help me, or provide me with what exactly I need to patch the DSDT, assuming that DSDT will work with an AMD system. Maybe AppleHDA can be patched with the audio device ID. If anything else (kexts, etc) is needed, I will apply it if you can upload it for me. The only problem is that when saving the dsdt in the aml format, it would give me tons of errors and would never finish compiling. However, saving it as a Dissasembled ASL file worked, and I guess you can also open it and then compile it as AML. Since I could not upload the file as aml(renamed) or ASL(original) I uploaded it with a TXT extension. It worked. Just rename it to ASL to AML once you download it. Many thanks ahead of time, newhacker1746 DSDT.txt
  11. Hello, I had to recreate my account since my old one was not recognized. Now to the issue, I have an AMD PC running Lion with a 5570 from sapphire. I researched on hybrid crossfire with windows, but then I noticed the Chipset GPU was based on the RV610, the same of which is used in the Radeon HD 2400 of the iMac! So I tried using GraphicsEnabler, but it would just at the very end of the booting process show IO errors that are unrelated (They do not happen with the 5570 installed), I tried manually putting device id into kexts of atiX2000 controller and ATI2400Controller, but nothing helps. I can only boot with GraphicsEnabler=No or the IO errors pop up. Since the Radeon HD 4200 chipset gpu is already working, I don't think it will be much hassle to enable another chipset gnu that is almost identical to the Radeon HD 2400. Help, please. newhacker1746 I am uploading proof. Do not confuse the IGP image code names for the GPU engine, it says RV610. In the HD 2400 image, you can see those are also based on the RV610.