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My first install and Fail... -_-!


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hello, i've tried to install OSX using bootloader that i found on google with keyword 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion bootable DVD for Intel PCs' but result is failed.

Am i no hope with stall Lion? or my hardware is new and need to wating for boot loader update? or I should to go to SnowLoepard?



my notebook HP Pavillion DV6 6169tx

cpu: Intel core-i7 2670 2.2ghz

vga: AMD Radeon HD 6770M

mother board: i don't know

hdd: Toshiba

ram: i don't know






Pictures ...


boot with command '-v cpus=1'

start boot loading




and hang on this step all night till i woke up on morning.




sometime fail(don't command '-v cpus=1')




try for hope '-v cpus=4'




try again may be lucky but not...




sometime '-v cpus=1' failed




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i've tried with methods you suggest and this is result...



Try -v -x cpus=1








Which boot loader are you using?

Should be latest chameleon or chimera.


Boot with -v -f npci=0x2000

look different but boot loader isn't update yet, got hang on this step for an hour, i'll be update bootloader and try again later.



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as soon as you see uptime in nanoseconds you can turn your pc off, it's kernel panicked.


If you are using a retail/GM version of Lion you WILL NEED to update to the newest version of chameleon (2.1 revision 1700 something, I can't remember) or chimera in order to boot.


Older boot loaders aren't designed to handle the Lion kernel and will therefore not boot.

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kismat says aslam-o-alikum(may peace Mercy and blessing of God almighty be on all of you)


ok frist copy ntfs.kexts from snow leopard to System\Library\Extensions then boot with -v cpus=1 it will work


hope this works for you


kismat says allha hafiz

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