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What "shorty" video card for Dell do I get?

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I installed OSX86 (jas 10.4.7) on an old Dell frankenstein box.

It's a GX240 motherboard


in a GX270 case



Problem is, the case is tiny, there is not room in there for a normal video card, the one that I have in there now is an ATI Rage 128 (agp) and it sucks like nothing else on earth.

I have it on a 21" Dell CRT but OSX won't let me do anything other than 1024x768 @ 60hz which is freaking horrible. I would rather poke white hot drill bits into my eyes than look at a 60hz display.


The existing card is only about 2" tall and it's back plate is also very short.


I don't even know what you call this type of short video card or where to go looking for one.

I think I would prefer to replace it with an Nvidia (right?) but I don't know have any idea what or where to look.


Please advise! A budget card is what I'm going for, something under $50, the cheaper the better but something that will give me half decent performance.


The other problem I have is the AC97 built into the mother board sucks.

Sound events are mangled into something that you can't recognize and when you play a video the sound starts out mangled up then after about 5 seconds it stabilizes but it sounds like ducks smoking helium (sounds speeded up)..


I see references to a USB sound card. What the hell is that? I never heard of an external USB sound card.


I've dug deeply into the system preferences and it will not allow me to modify any sound or video settings as it considers my sound and video cards to be bottom of the barrel.



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Well I may have messed up but I went ahead and took a chance, I wanted to order asafp so I could get one in this week.


I just ordered this card,



The bracket won't work I know for sure so I'll have to cut it down and bend it myself.

That shouldn't be too hard. I just hope the card itself is a good card for OSX86..

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That card works nicely, no CI/QE tho. :) Hopefully the macvidia author will finish up the framework soon.


Cool.. However, what is "CI/QE" ?? I'm a total newbie...


Now that I've gotten a taste of OS X I've decided that *I like it* and that I need to begin to gather the goodies to build up a full sized machine so I can put lots of cool stuff in it, like a TB or so, full sized video cards, etc.. This dinky little Dell was more or less an experiment that went better than I expected. I thought I was just going to play with it out of curiosity but it's grown on me. I can see great potential here, provided I get the right goodies..




Arrrrr matey! ;)

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QE/CI, fancy effects and hardware accerlation. Once you have it, you will burn your eyes out with hot drill bits if you ever see windows again



Ah, ok.. So in otherwords the card I just ordered (5200) will be much better than what I have now (sux) but it will not do the la-de-da SFX eye candy?


BTW, I'm a Linux man, I dumped M$ about 5 years ago. My #1 box is Suse 10.0 with 1gig ram and 1.5TB of disc. I played with Compiz/XGL when it first came out but it was too unstable so I went back to old school KDE 3.5. It looks nice but I disabled the extra SFX.


I assume this will be a similar situation on the Hackntosh??



Arrrrrrr matey!! :sorcerer:



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