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"Enter Time Machine" not working - VMware 8.0.1 workstation

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I've got a SnowLeopard 10.6 guest running under Win7, VMware 8.0.1 with Donk's unlocker, VMsvga-II 1.2.4 installed. Everything works well, and is fairly smooth. Host CPU is a Q9650.


Yesterday I needed to use Time Machine to test something (I never tried TM before) and when I clicked "Enter Time Machine" the Finder just kind of gets wonky, the spinning space spiral thingy never shows up and I can't browse any files, the Finder just pops open a new window and then kind of locks me out until I hit the ESC key.


Is this a QE/CI issue? Is there any way to make Time Machine work inside of a guest VM?

Thanks guys. I tried searching but came up empty.


*I did find one post referencing this from over 2 years ago but I didn't see any answer:


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