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    OS X Mavericks in VirtualBox

    Well I doubt they will "fix" iMessage -- more likely the fix will have to come from the VM-side no? Does iMessage work in VMware Fusion or Parallels on Mac hardware?
  2. luckman212

    OS X Mavericks in VirtualBox

    This looks really interesting! Does iMessage work from inside this VM? Just curious, b/c I have not been able to get it to work with VMware.
  3. Is this possible to do? I am running VMware 10.0.1 with an OS X 10.9 guest (using VMsvga2 and VMware Tools from Darwin.iso 6.0.2) and everything mostly works fine. The only thing I can't get working is iMessage. I think I've tried just about everything .... M-u-l-t-i Beast 6.0.1 Chameleon Wizard Chimera FileNVRAM.dylib 1.1.2 (and 1.1.3) added SMBIOS.use12CharSerialNumber = "TRUE" to the .vmx, Signing in from a "real" Mac changing iCloud password clearing all iMessage items from Keychain ...etc etc... So far nothing has worked... has anyone gotten iMessage to work from inside VMware Workstation running on a non-Mac host?
  4. Anyone tried this on VMware 10.0.1 build 1379776? Just wondering if it still works
  5. Sorry for this noobish post. But I have a core question that I am trying to wrap my head around. I've been getting ready to blow out and reformat my PC to clear out some cruft and I am toying with the idea of partitioning my HD to allow a triple-boot: Win7, Ubuntu, and (hopefully) OSX/hackintosh. I know this can be done and there are plenty of guides scattered around on how to do it so I won't ask anyone to reinvent the wheel. My question is about virtualization & hypervisors. I am vaguely aware of vSphere and Citrix XenDesktop - but I have not used either and I don't even know if it's possible to do what I am asking. Basically I'd like to install some kind of bare-metal hypervisor on my PC and set it up so I can *simultaneously* run Win7 + Ubuntu for example, and flip between them in much the same way that I do now in VMware Workstation, only with the added benefit of being able to completely shut down/reboot the Win7 vm without affecting the others, as well as giving direct hardware access to the VMs, thus (at least theoretically) boosting performance. Is this possible yet? Anyone tried??
  6. Aaron44126 - which one works with 8.0.3? The one directly above your post (posted by jzhang18) or the original Donk?
  7. hello, running SnowLeopard 10.6 on vmware 7.1, host is win7-x64, darwin310b6 (tools) + vmsvga122 drivers + ensoniq 102 drivers installed. I am having a small issue with (video driver?) where when I connect via Apple Remote Desktop to another mac, the remote cursor appears as a large black square. I think it is 32x32 px. I captured a screenshot with my iphone's camera so you can see: the reason i didn't do a "normal" screenshot: whenever i try to capture the screen using my screen cap utility, the black box disappears! it goes away when vmware is not the 'active' application, and it returns as soon as it gets focus again. very weird. anyone know whats causing this, is there some setting i can try in my .vmx file to fix it? cheers
  8. Hi guys, simple question really but I couldn't find the answer after about an hour of searching. I have a plain-vanilla Win7 laptop that doesn't have any built-in onscreen volume indicator. I tried the one that comes with microsoft intellipoint but I didn't like the lag on it and it uses a lot of memory. I really like the one Apple has in its Bootcamp drivers-- is there any way to run this or extract it somehow and run it on a "regular" windows install without actually running Bootcamp? has anyone done this?
  9. Ok I installed a brand new fresh VM using 8.0.1, Lion 10.7.2, VMsvga2 1.2.4, EnsoniqAudioPCI 1.0.3 Same issue, cannot enter Time Machine am I at a dead end?
  10. I've got a SnowLeopard 10.6 guest running under Win7, VMware 8.0.1 with Donk's unlocker, VMsvga-II 1.2.4 installed. Everything works well, and is fairly smooth. Host CPU is a Q9650. Yesterday I needed to use Time Machine to test something (I never tried TM before) and when I clicked "Enter Time Machine" the Finder just kind of gets wonky, the spinning space spiral thingy never shows up and I can't browse any files, the Finder just pops open a new window and then kind of locks me out until I hit the ESC key. Is this a QE/CI issue? Is there any way to make Time Machine work inside of a guest VM? Thanks guys. I tried searching but came up empty. *I did find one post referencing this from over 2 years ago but I didn't see any answer: http://www.insanelym...dpost&p=1150076
  11. Hmmm I'm a little surprised nobody's commented on this. Am I the only one who's tried to use Time Machine under 10.6 in vmware?
  12. anyone know if this will work with VMware Workstation 8.0.1 that was just released? if I upgrade to 8.0.1 and already had a vmx set up will that continue to boot even If I can't create new VMs until a new unlocker is out?
  13. Has anyone found a permanent fix for this yet? Is this just a VMware bug that cannot be worked around?
  14. Well - it will survive a "warm boot" of just the vm but on my system the slow laggy video comes back every time I exit VMware & then restart the OSX vm.
  15. What a weird problem. I just installed WS 8 and my old snow leopard 10.6.8 now has the slow video issue. Is there any way to automate the "fix" without having to do the F8 trick each boot?
  16. I tried to look at the most recent posts but I was a bit confused -- what is the current/latest unlocker for workstation 8 (471780) ? There seem to be a few different versions floating around.... thanks
  17. I have a working install of 10.6.8 running under Workstation 7.1 for many months. It is pretty smooth. But I wanted to try out WS 8.0 -- I see there is no Unlocker yet but if I install WS8 will my old VM no longer work (I used Albert's Unlocker method). Just wondering, before I go ahead and install the trial.... I do use the Mac vm fairly regularly so I wouldn't want to be without it for too long!
  18. nice, going to have to try that this weekend!
  19. hey Zef thats good news! did you follow any sort of guide on installing 10.7.1 or, how did you do it without using unlocker?
  20. Thanks MSoK ! Will stay tuned for a new Unlocker. Good advice.
  21. I just (perhaps stupidly) updated my VMware 7 workstation install (win7 host) to v7.1.4 Now I can't boot my OSX virtual machine anymore! i actually really need to use it tonight, this is fu----d. the VM boots up all the way until its about to show the desktop, then just powers off with the above warning message. anyone else having this problem & know of a workaround? I didn't save the old installer so reverting isn't an option now........... edit: whoops! nevermind, I re-ran Albert's Unlocker and voila, back in business! thanks guys
  22. Interesting stuff, thanks Donk! Ok, I guess I'll have to settle for a boring old "one-OS-at-a-time" Triple-Boot :-) Definitely seems like an exciting area to keep an eye on, going to be definitely some amazing things probably later this year or early next.
  23. This is really, really cool. Amazing!