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Hello people


after some time with osx86 in my amd sytem (thanks everybody for the lecacy kernels), an old radeonhd4350 has stopped working propertly. (thanks a lot to ANARCHiNTOSH and his guide http://www.insanelym...howtopic=236869 for making that vga works... but its dead hardware. even no bios... sometimes strange beeps... its dead.)


my experience with osx86 is little, but i got everything working (except a dead radeon). no experience with nvidia cards, help is appreciated. after investigating for a compatible card with mac -and with my money-


it seems that nvidia cards are more easy for osx86. seems that the things i need are:

  1. a recent chameleon boot looader
  2. nv injectors
  3. install nvidia drivers

is this correct?

someone with this vga? (of course, with full acceleration) (a way to check is inverse screen ctrl+alt+cmd+8 toggles inverse screen it should work with accel)

thanks in advance


i forgot to say that the system is 10.6.5


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