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Card reader - Slow Downloads


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For some unknown reason I am suddenly experiencing extremely slow downloads when attempting to download images from my compact flash cards using a card reader to an Iomega external drive.

Until recently downloading a 16GB card to my external drive would probably take no more than 15-20 minutes.

However for some reason I cannot fathom out this now takes a full 3 hours !!

I have several compact flash cards and the problem occurs with all cards so I'm confident it is not a media card issue.

In addition I also have two different card readers and the problem is the same with both. I have also tried using another cable connecting the card reader to my Mac to no avail.

For the record the compact flash cards are genuine Sandisk Extreme Pro cards with a read/write speed of 90MB/s.

Not sure its entirely relevant but I have recently upgraded to Lion 10.7.2 and downloaded trial versions of Aperture and Adobe Photoshop.

I have Also run a system scan using Mackeeper and cleared the Cache etc.

I am now running out of ideas so any help or advice much appreciated.

As already mentioned the problem has only started and was never an issue before using the same hardware, cards etc.




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