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  1. I have a number of folders containing photographs which I would like to organise when I open Finder. I am viewing these in icon view but notice a difference with some folders in respect to arranging my photographs. Essentially when I open Finder and select the 'Action' tab some folders have the option to 'clean up' or 'clean up by' whilst others do not have this choice. I cannot see any other discernable difference between the folders so would appreciate any help or advice how to restore the 'clean up by' option to all my folders. Many Thanks
  2. Eos9

    Compressing files

    Without going into the detail, reducing the jpg size and quality isn't an option in this case as I need to maintain the quality of the original photograph. I can of course use something like dropbox as I've done previously so this of course remains an option. Whilst I realised jpg was a picture compressed format I didn't realise zipping them only achieved a few Kbytes and thought it might be a little more - obviously this explains things.
  3. I recently had a couple of issues regarding sending large files (photographs) via email. The first of these was the recipient requested that I send them so these wern't embedded within the email itself whilst the second was the size of the files themselves limiting the number I could send. To overcome the first I understand if the photographs are firstly put in a folder or zipped this should overcome the issue. To achieve this on my iMac if I right click on the photograph on my Desktop I can then use the option to compress that particular photograph. Whilst this then shows the file as a jpg.zip and appears to overcome any probelems with it being embedded in the email, the file itself remains the same size and does not appear to be compressed in size at all. I am still therefore limited in just sending a 1 or 2 images at a time on the email. I would therefore appreciate any feedback concerning why when compessing the photograph the file size remains the same? Maybe I'm missing the point somewhere so any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Since upgrading to OS X El Capitan I am unable to use Mail as it appears to 'freeze' while upgrading stating either "Preparing your Mail Database" or "Upgrading Library". Despite waiting hours & rebooting etc this appears to be as far as it ever gets. Any advice or feedback regarding on how to overcome this issue and get my Mail back online would therefore be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Having been advised that I could use Apple TV to view my iMacs screen on the TV I am not altogether sure or not if this is the case as I have now read somewhere that the iMac itself has to be newer than mid 2011. Although I have updated my OSX software to El Capitan ver 10.11 my iMac itself was I believe purchased in 2008. I have had some success in configuring Apple TV to play iTunes etc but what I really want to do is to view my photographs on the TV and ideally be able to mirror my iMac when I am editing these on a program such as Photoshop. With this in mind I would appreciate any feedback or help to advise if - a/ Is this going to be possible on a 2008 iMac running El Capitan 10.11 and if so - b/ how do I go about setting this up as I cannot see Airplay in my Menu bar and am not sure how to set this up Any help or advise much appreciated - Thanks
  6. Eos9

    Viewing TV images

    I have recently connected a nest box (with camera) to my LG Television and can now view the images on TV. This is connected using the AV scart socket on the television. I would however like to view the images on my iMac with the intention of maybe recording a few still images or being able to record the video itself. The television has Bluetooth capability and although my iMac states it is 'paired' with the TV , I guess this is only part of the set-up required I need to do. As I previously mentioned I would ideally like to take a still image or photograph from the nest box camera and record the video if possible. I am not sure if I need to download a specific program or complete further set up to allow this so any help or advice would be very much appreciated. For the record I am using Mac OSX ver 10.7.5 and further details are as below - Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac8,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo It also states my iMac/ Screen is early 2008. Many Thanks - Rob
  7. Eos9

    Email security issue

    Ok - thanks for the information, which as I thought confirms my suspicions. I personally would never give the information requested as like you mention no reputable source would request it in the first instance. Although I previously experienced such emails when a Windows user I must admit I have not had such a problem since switching to Mac. I was wondering if it may be worth reporting to Apple to prevent any chance of other users getting caught out. If so I am unsure how best to do this so any details would be helpful.
  8. Eos9

    Email security issue

    I would appreciate a little advice concerning an email I have recently received which makes out it from Apple support or customer care which I have copied as below. Account User We have been monitoring this account through our server's log file and have noticed that this account is been accessed from two distinct location simultaneously which indicates insecurity, we will be shutting down this account except you confirm owner's legitimacy by verifying this account. Username: Password: Location: Warning!!! Failure to receive confirmation of ownership of this account within 24hours will be tantamount to the suspension this account. Thank you, Frank .......... System Engineer © Icloud webmail 2013. I am suspicious of this particular email for I have no reason to believe my email details have been compromised but perhaps more importantly I am suspicious of anything that asks for details such as my user name AND password. I do have both an iMac and Iphone but assume If I were to leave Apple Mail open on the iMac then pick up any emails on my Iphone should I go out this wouldn't cause the problem suggested in this email ? When I pick up this email via my Iphone it states this is from 'Customer Care' and other info shows this to be info@me.com. If however I choose to reply (which I havn't) it shows this as customer care at a gmail address. My question is - am I right to be suspicious about this email and disregard it as being bogus ? Obviously I do not wish to have my email account suspended but I am certainly reluctant to send password details to ANYONE. If anyone can please advise or perhaps give details of the genuine Apple support team that I can raise it with or report it I'd be very grateful. Many Thanks
  9. Eos9

    Bookmark Icons

    When I open Safari and view my bookmarks I notice that the icons that accompanied individual bookmarks have all suddenly changed. Instead of an easily recognisable icon specific to that site, I am suddenly faced with dozens of an icon akin to a round circle. I have not changed anything and am not sure why these have suddenly changed. I'm finding it more difficult to locate a particular bookmark with these and would appreciate any feedback on how I can restore the more individual icons. For the record I am using a Google toolbar although as mentioned I have not changed any setting or views etc. Any help or feedback much appreciated - Thanks
  10. Eos9

    Folder view options

    Not quite sure how this would work - the trouble is If I go into the drive I see perhaps 6 folders when I initially open it. I can select all folders and then change the colour of these 6 no problem. The trouble is these six then have many sub-folders which in turn have sub-folders themselves. If I select all folders and change the colour it only changes the colour of the ones in the window I have open at that time and not all the sub-folders of which there are hundreds. Its a shame I do not appear to be able to change the background colour for the windows on one of the drives as this would be a relatively easy answer. Unfortunately for whatever reason the option is greyed out and won't allow me to do this.
  11. Eos9

    Folder view options

    I am currently using two external drives to store hundreds of folders containing my photographs. The second drive is purely a back-up to the first and contains exactly the same folders and photographs and when downloading images these get copied to both drives. It can however be confusing at times knowing which Drive I have open as the folders etc all have the same names etc. One way around this would be to change the Look or colour of the folders of the second drive so this is instantly recognisable. I am aware of how to do this on individual folders but as I have hundreds is there a way to apply a change of look or colour to 'All' folders on that drive without doing it individually. Another option would appear to be to change the Background colour when opening one of the Drives and its folders. However when I go to Finder/View/ Background the option to change the background colour is greyed out and doesn't allow me to do this. (This is despite the fact that I am in the Admin account and not general user ). If anyone can suggest an easy way to change the look of my second drive to make it easier to distinguish when open I would be most grateful. Eos
  12. For some unknown reason I am suddenly experiencing extremely slow downloads when attempting to download images from my compact flash cards using a card reader to an Iomega external drive. Until recently downloading a 16GB card to my external drive would probably take no more than 15-20 minutes. However for some reason I cannot fathom out this now takes a full 3 hours !! I have several compact flash cards and the problem occurs with all cards so I'm confident it is not a media card issue. In addition I also have two different card readers and the problem is the same with both. I have also tried using another cable connecting the card reader to my Mac to no avail. For the record the compact flash cards are genuine Sandisk Extreme Pro cards with a read/write speed of 90MB/s. Not sure its entirely relevant but I have recently upgraded to Lion 10.7.2 and downloaded trial versions of Aperture and Adobe Photoshop. I have Also run a system scan using Mackeeper and cleared the Cache etc. I am now running out of ideas so any help or advice much appreciated. As already mentioned the problem has only started and was never an issue before using the same hardware, cards etc. Eos
  13. Due to a Virus ( Yes on a Mac !! ) which has used my Mail address book to fwd itself to everyone, I now have the task of sending an email to warn all I may have forwarded it too. Although I don't normally send an email to 'All' I am experiencing problems trying to do this. At the moment I am going into Mail and opening 'Window'-and then 'Previous recipients' to see who I need to forward my email too. Although this lists all the addresses I may be interested in I cannot see a way to copy those I want into the address field. It shows the option to 'copy into address book' but this tab is greyed out and does't allow me to do this. Obviously with the addresses in my address book I don't have a problem adding them to my mail but the question is - Why is the option to 'copy into address' book greyed out and not allowing me copy from my previous recipients list. For the record the option to 'delete from list' is working fine. Any help or advice much appreciated.
  14. Eos9

    Keyboard shortcut

    Hi - I have tried this but I'm afraid it doesn't appear to work ! What I was attempting to do was if for example i had 100 jpg photos numbered 1-100 and wanted to delete ie all those from 20-80 which was the the easiest way to select and delete them. If I hold down the 'cmd' key it allows me to highlight them one at a time ( rather slow way of doing it ) or by using the 'up arrow key' it will select all those between the two selected which was what I was trying to do. However what I found was this would only work if using the list view and not in icon view as I was trying. Although I view in Icon view I now find that I can switch to list view to highlight all those I want to delete and select them, they will remain selected if I switch back once again to Icon view. This is the easiest method I have found to date but it appears odd that you cannot use the 'up arrow' key to select them in Icon view in the first instance.
  15. I would appreciate any help or advice in trying to use my external Webcam with Adobe flash player. At the moment I currently use a chat program that uses Adobe flash player to broadcast or receive video. The built in webcam on my Imac works with this but unless I tip the screen downwards it tends to broadcast just the top of my head ! With this in mind I would like to use my logitech quickcam pro4000 webcam as I can position or tilt it to suit. However despite Downloading the Logitech program / driver & latest version of Adobe flash player it does not appear to allow me to do this. Although I can open the Logitech Quick capture program and view the video from the external webcam , it does not appear listed in the drop down pane within Adobe flash player settings. This means I don't get the option to change the camera and can only view via the built in webcam on my Imac. I have also noticed that if I click on the Apple CameraWindow Icon on the dock it shows 'no camera was found'. With this in mind I would appreciate any help in allowing me to view my external webcam using such programs as Adobe flash player. Thanks - Eos