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Stylus RMX, Omnisphere and lastly Trilian challenge code blank ?

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I'm running my 10.5.6 hackintosh and recently installed Logic 9 without any problem. I also

installed ezdrummer, addictive drums clearly. Today I installed stylus rmx, omnisphere and also trilian,

everything went fine during intallation. But when we talk about authorization, that's my problem.

The challenge code box is blank at all of them. I read lots of stuff but no conclusion.

I don't use internet in my Hackintosh, but I also I couldn't install it, it didn't recognize my ethernet card(anyway it's not a problem I wasn't planing to connect it to internet).

Some people said I should change the networkinterfaces.plist but I can't find, it's not in the system configurations folder.

What should I do guys please help me :( :(

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Thats why you dont get the challenge Code. Since you are New here you should first fix your Signature to reflect show the Hardware used. 2 possible fixes for your Problem either u get your onboard Ethernet recognised or u need to buy a cheap Ethernet Card that is compatible.

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you need to get the kexts for your ethernet card (onboard or not) and set your ethernet conection to "en0"


there is at leat 3 threads about this problem on this forum , just check my posts on that posts , the solutions are simple

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      I've recently been trying to install Omnisphere onto my 10.8.3 Hackintosh. The install went fine, but the registration is having some issues. The confirmation code won't show up, on or off line. I've tried searching this forum (as well as the rest of the internet) for a solution, but all I've found has involved changing the ethernet card identification, which, since I use wifi exclusively, isn't very helpful. I also read that those solutions required a constant ethernet connection to run the program, which, if true, would make the program impossible for me to use. Any ideas?