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Unable to boot since upgrade..


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I'm new to mac os, but I've had a copy of iatkos 10.6.3 installed on a pc and working for quite a while.


Today I decided to format the disk and reinstall 10.6.3

After the reboot everything looked fine, so I decided to do a software upgrade.

Now I'm stuck at the apple logo, the hard disk seems to be read every few minutes, but nothing is happening !


Any ideas how I can get this to boot again ?


Thanks :)

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"stuck at the apple logo" is not a very good description of what's happening, it's useless for troubleshooting.

Boot with -v to see error messages. Without specific information about what's happening it's impossible to help you.


At least post your hardware specs, post what you select in the customize section before installing.


Look through this topic (read the whole topic) to find the common issues with 10.6.8:



Instead of iATKOS, use a retail 10.6.3 DVD and a suitable boot CD. A lot less can go wrong this way plus it's easier to help you if you're running retail.

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Thanks for the reply.

Sorry I was vague !!


I'm now running 10.6.3 fine.


The system is an :

Asrock 2core1333 2.66 Motherboard with onboard CPU

Integrated Intel GMA950 VGA, Realtek 8101E & ALC888 Audio.

2GB Ram

160 Seagate SATA Hard Disk


USB Keyboard & Mouse.


During installation I selected customise and added,


Intel GMA95 Support

Realtek 8111 support


left everything else as is..


This runs really well, just got upset when I did a system update.


Thanks for the link, I'll have a read :)


Should also say verbose mode, looks fine, I didn't spot any errors.

The mouse appears then I get a black screen with a rectangular cursor in the top left corner.

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I'm guessing the 10.6.8 update breaks your GMA 950 fix. Not to say that GMA 950 doesn't work with 10.6.8, but this is the thing with distros/hacked install DVDs, they normally patch Apple kernel extensions in /System/Library/Extensions directly which means that when you run a system update you will lose most or all of the modifications that were made in order for your hardware to work, and you end up with a bricked Hackintosh.


This is one of the main reasons why you should be using unmodified, retail OS X install media + a suitable boot CD instead of a hacked install DVD. It is much easier to troubleshoot a retail installation, and much easier to get help from experienced users.

If there is anything specifically installed by iATKOS that breaks when updating (such as sleepenabler.kext for example), only other iATKOS users can help you, because they are the only ones who know what it is.


Try to find topics about the GMA 950 on Snow Leopard so that you can learn which modifications are required, see if there is a more elegant way to do it that doesn't break when updating. Remember that because you are running iATKOS, you will be working with kernel extensions that are already patched in some way.


Of course it could be something else - from the information you have posted I can't tell (I don't see anything incriminating), I would need to see a photo of what happens when you boot with -v after updating.

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hi gringo


well i have the same issue. Now this is the whole story. installed iatkos s3 v2 properly in my

:: Intel D945GCNL MOBO with c2d e4500 processor

:: 160GB SATA Seagate

The first time boot seems to be ok with no GMA950 support becoz I cant change any resolution as it was fixed to 1024*768.

searched and googled till I found that editing boot.plist might help. So added the line

-- <Graphics Mode>

<1920x1080x32@60> since I have samsung 22inch lcd with VGA display connector.

and bingo, reboot and SL gave me 1920*1080.

Now thought of updating. so downloaded SL 10.6.8 combo update V1.1 from apple site and installed it.Restarted the system with first -v -f flag and then with -v -f arch=i386. In both the cases the output was same. No serious error during boot.started normally and at first I thought that the desktop was coming with black screen but later I detected that :

1) The screen was black with the mouse cursor sometimes showing(the cursor can be moved when I move the mouse so system is up)

2) I can type anything I want in that black screen becoz basically the white block at the top left corner of the screen is the terminal prompt :))


and thats it the hard disk led is blicking seems that something is going inside the hard disk belly and the screen remains same untill manual restart.


I went with a -v -x flag. safe mode went fine. I can go the desktop and see the update is accepted to 10.6.8. but the GMA950 resolution is now 1280*720 with the finder bar outof screen dimension. the GMA950 kexts are there in /Library/Extensions folder. boot.plist is same. even on changing the boot.plist back to default do not help.


Now can anyone HELP.

Thanks and regards.


P.S. - the system specs in my signature is changed recently. So I provided the current sys specs in the post.

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