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Install Snow Leopard after existing Win7 installation or USB HDD

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Hi there!


I have an existing Win7 installation on my intern SATA HDD with 2 existing NTFS partitions (Win7 creates another partition during install).

Now i want to install Snow Leopard 10.6.3 which i have on a retail disc to the same HDD drive, using a newly created journaled partition for that OSX.

How would i start doing this? Of course, the HDD drive uses MBR and not GUID and i definitely do not want to reinstall Win7, i want it to boot normaly after i install OSX.


I know that there is some kind of problem with MBR vs. GUID, alternatively i could hook up an USB HDD which i formated GUID and journaled and install OSX on that drive?


I have a chameleon boot cd here, would that help choosing between Win7 and OSX after installation to USB HDD? Does installing to the USB HDD alter/touch my existing Win7 partitions in any way?


Also, if i use lets say Acronis True Image in order to make an image of my complete SATA HDD with all its partitions, would a restore of that image also restore the MBR if anything goes wrong during OSX installation? (of course, then OSX would be lost on the same HDD)


Thanks for your help!

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Headaches and pain.


You can't install unmodified retail OS X to an MBR drive, you have to modify something in the installer packages first. There are guides available. If you use the Chameleon boot loader as-is to boot Windows 7, it breaks S3/S4 sleep and you will not be able to install Service Pack 1.


Install OS X and the Chameleon boot loader to your USB drive. Leave the Windows drive as the default boot device and use your motherboard BIOS boot selector when you want to boot into OS X.

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