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LAN Networkcard PCIe OOB wanted

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I can't find an PCI Express LAN Adapter (wired) thats works

out ouf the Box.

By the Intel EXPI9301CTBLK i have to edit the kext file

and the Netgear GA311 that works oob is an PCI-X card.

I search for a couple of hours so that I now ask here.

Can everybody help me.



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ST1000SPEX is RTL8111B and should work. if it doesnt the lnx2mac driver should



btw u could make a legacy kext for the Intel EXPI9301CTBLK if u have to add the id to the info.plist

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I'm also looking for something native. My onboard Realtek + lnx2mac driver just poops the bed when stopping vmware.


I've found very pricey Sonnet cards, and Intel cards that seem like they should work.


I don't mind editing a kext plist... My main goal is to be using a native Mac driver and not the lnx2mac or other 3rd party drivers.


Any card under $40 that fits the bill is good.


Any pointers? (Yes, been through the HCLs, all of them, not interested in PCI, need PCI-e for GigE).

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Thank you for fast answering.

I only looked here before:



Rosewill RC-401-EX: Sounds very good, but I don't find a seller in Germany

Ovislink 8169: is PCI-X,and I don't find a seller in Germany too

ST1000SPEX: I don't find a seller in Germany


I think the only or best way is to buy the EXPI9301CTBLK and edit the plist

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bahh no good




By Protocol6v


This review is from: StarTech.com 1 Port PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet NIC Network Adapter Card (ST1000SPEX) (Personal Computers)

DOA. I have a couple of these though, and the others work great. They use the realtek 8111e chipset, so if you're looking to use this for a hackintosh, get something else.


but i found this one SD-PEX24009

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