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  1. Hi splonk, thank you for the answer. I try to write a shutdown script when all clients are off and switch the N36L manualy on when I want to use him.
  2. Hello again, SL Server 10.6.8 is running on my N36L with 2GB Ram and the Intel Network Card. I have some questions/problems. 1.I have the same problem like this: the 10.6.8 process seems to be doing nothing, then I move the mouse and simultaneously the disk activity starts again. Is there a solution? 2. Whats the way to get 1280x1024 with the onboard graphics callumrogan in P6/#103 get the higher resolution, right? 3. The N36L does not support sleepmode S3, can I use suspend to Disk S4, or power of with wake on lan S5. 4. When i buy the Managementcard, can I power on my N36L with a WOL Magic Packet, after a normal shutdown in OS-X? Thank you for helping Cheers
  3. Hello, Sleepmode dosn't work. When i try it the network connection goes down, and then nothing. When i reboot network works fine. I try it in hibernation mode 1 and 0. Any idea what it can be? Has the SleepEnabler.kext located in /BackupExtensions anything to do with my problem? There is no second SleepEnabler.kext on my N36L Cheers Kurt (And sorry for my bad english)
  4. LAN Networkcard PCIe OOB wanted

    Hi, today I buy an EXPI9301CTBLK edit the plist and the network works very stable now.
  5. Ok, now i understand. sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 1 change the sleepmode to suspend to Disk. It works on my Imac, but in hibernationmode 1, I cant wake up the Imac with WOL. I will test it on the N36L in the evening.
  6. Hi Splonk, thank you for your full description. When i type in "sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 1" in my iMac (only for testing) nothing happens.
  7. Hi splonk, thank you for your answering. 1. I want to buy an Intel EXPI9301CTBLK http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=273618 2. I try it in verbose mode to locate the error. But I think the right Harddisk where found because the grey sceen with the silver apple comes up. And then the spinning wheels spins very slow and don't finish in one hour or more time. 3. Before I intalled OS-X, I used Linux/Ubuntu and I used hibernation and wake up with a magic paket. Is anything like this possible with OS-X on the N36L. Hope someone can help, I am not a Profi and spend a lot of time in the N36L. Cheers Kurt
  8. LAN Networkcard PCIe OOB wanted

    Thank you for fast answering. I only looked here before: http://wiki.osx86pro..._.28Ethernet.29 Rosewill RC-401-EX: Sounds very good, but I don't find a seller in Germany Ovislink 8169: is PCI-X,and I don't find a seller in Germany too ST1000SPEX: I don't find a seller in Germany I think the only or best way is to buy the EXPI9301CTBLK and edit the plist
  9. LAN Networkcard PCIe OOB wanted

    Hello, I can't find an PCI Express LAN Adapter (wired) thats works out ouf the Box. By the Intel EXPI9301CTBLK i have to edit the kext file and the Netgear GA311 that works oob is an PCI-X card. I search for a couple of hours so that I now ask here. Can everybody help me. Cheers Kurt
  10. Next Problem, when I make an AFP copy, the network connection lost after a few minutes. Any Ideas?
  11. Hi, now I did it. SL Server 10.6.8 is running. I installed BCM5722D.kext with Kext wizard and repair permissions and clear caches with Kext wizard. The Network works fine and the serialnumber was past. I don't installed a new chamelon. But Wake on LAn does not work, first problem is that the machiene dosent't goes in sleep modus. Cheers Kurt
  12. Hello, my next 2 Problems, hope somebody can help my again. Problem 1 Wenn I have 10.6.3 fresh installed i only coppy BCM5722.kext to S/L/E/ and run kext utility. Like S3 / Post #59. I get an Error message that ati.....kext and bcm5722D.kext are not correct installed. But after reboot i get a IP Adress per DHCP. In the next step I install SL Server but the say the Erial Number is not valid or incorrect. What is my mistake Problem 2 When i update Chamelon 2 RC5 v747 or higher and reboot, they hangs in the grey sreen with the silver apple and the spinning wheel often stops for a longer time. I wait for an hour but the dont start. I try 3 different versions of chamelon. I hope somebody can help me. Cheers Kurt
  13. Hey mate, you are the best. 1000000000 Thanks to you. Thats the solution, OSX starts fine. I'am very happy, tomorrow I can start to finetune it. I would like to update to 10.6.8 Server. Cheers Kurt
  14. Hello, I'am brand new in Hackintosch. I would like to install OS-X on my N36L. I use OS-X on my MBP and Mini, so it is the best solution for me. I Install OS-X 10.6.3 by following Part 1 and Part 2 in the beginning of this Thread. After installing OS-X the N36L reboot and I only get a blinking curser on a black screen. I have 4GB RAM installed, but no ASUS Graphics Card. Would it work without a graphics card. Can everybody help me? I read the complete Thread but i can't find out a solution, because my englisch is not the best. Best Regards Kurt PS: I search by google "hackintosh blinking cursor" and i found out my partion ist not bootable, but why? I select GUID by creating a Partition in the Harddisk Utiliti during install.