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Help Needed Mac OSX 10.7.2 in VMWare 8.0.1 build-528992

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Ok folks, firstly I would like to say Hi to all. I don't normally ask for help as I believe in finding the answer myself as it is the only way to learn, but in this case I am at wits end and hence requiring the need for help from the big guns.


I have tried all variations of getting OSX 10.7.2 running in VMWare but all give me errors exactly as posted http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=272439 .


Specs first to provide as much info in order to help determine the nature of the issue.


Windows 7 64 bit OS

Intel i7 920 (with VT enabled in BIOS) and confirmed operational with M$ HV Tool

Twin ATI 4870 - not really important as I see it but added anyway

VMWare 8.0.1 build-528992


VMWare installed to default directory. Only exception is that the VM's reside on a 2nd HDD for execution, but that has nothing to do with the installation, rather a config of VMWare. Patched using unlockall-1.02 (thanks for coders for this) and displays option for Apple OSX in GUI, and yes ALL Procs were killed prior to unlocking). All VM's other than OSX boot fine, Including full Aero on a Win 7 VM.


I have tried using Prebuilt Images 10.7.2 and 10.7.1 from torrent post by ZackehSoul (except that 10.7.2 is compressed using an unsupported format and not useable).

I have also tried using the bootable VMDK, a blank VM HDD (80GB) and Mac.OSX.Lion.v10.7.2-HOTiSO\h-ml1072.dmg


Each and every attempt I get errors that vmware-vmx.exe has crashed and creates a dump file(dump file reviewed to confirm which app crashed). In reviewing the install log the last device that is loaded prior to vmware-vmx crashing is ethernet. I have even tried booting with all variations of Networks in VMWare to rule out that NAT, or Bridged setting may be causing some issues.


Preferably, I want to create a unpartitioned HDD (any size of my choice above sys requirements for Lion), Boot with the VMDK bootable HDD, and Install Lion 10.7.2 using the DMG file noted above(Mac.OSX.Lion.v10.7.2-HOTiSO\h-ml1072.dmg). Prebuilt images are nice and all, but I would prefer to create my own.


I am at a point that I am going round and round in circles trying to read fixes for this, install methods for this and I know the answer is right in front of my eyes, however I have simply over thunk (if that's even a word) this issue.


Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance.

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