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Install AR5b93


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Hi,i have a problem to install this card on lion.

I change my centrino n1000 whit this card because the intel is not compatible.

Now when i start the pc it work very very very slow,i can't arrive to the desktop.

What i do to install this card?


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youre going to need more work.. example. iousb error of overcurrent = dsdt fix.

intelcpupowermanagement is disabled cause u havent used speed stepper app.

im sure theres more.


what does the card gold pins look like.. some missing or full pins ?

is it a half size card ? ar5bh93 uhh that chip might not work properly due to rom differences

i use AR5B91 full size not half.

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inside io80211Family.kext (right click show package contents) mine doesnt have it as its for newer models released recently mine usear airportatheros21 and 40 device id 2a in it not 2b


but 9380 is for the new AR5BXB112 i thought, not 9280 AR5BXB92 .








different device id .. 2B not 2A and even if id match .. the rom interface doesnt


u can verify this by adding the 2B to the info.plist next to the 2A (if yours is 2B)

if it is 2b u can do dsdt OR add to info.plist


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I haven't understand all but the info.plist as the device id of my card 2A.

Now i try to insert the 2B but windows recognize as a ar5b93 and in the card it is written ar5b93 ver.b


I've try it,the boot speed now is normal but i don't see nothing about atheros in the verbose method.

To modify the dsdt i haven't understand what is ,but if you have one minute i send dsdt extract with dsdt editor and the acpi extract with everest. :P

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ok so booting normal now but no connection. does it show new device in settings ?


it is 2a which means should work.

disable in bios FAST boot


if it shows it as Airport but no signals= needs tape on pin 20


have u seen anyone with AR5B93 working ? (i havent) maybe AR5B91 or AR5B95 half id go with 91

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