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OSX Lion - Vbox headless Mouse pointer integration

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I'm running ClearOS 5.2 and VirtualBox. Everything is Headless (Connect via RDP for session). I'm running an OSX Lion machine which runs great except 2 annoying things:

- Screen resolution (Not that bad)

- Mouse pointer integration (I've two mouse trailers in my screen and only 1 works)


Like in Windows I have two mouse pointers (the original from the Windows Computer running the RDP session & the OSX Lion pointer (which acts approx on the Windows Mouse input/movements). In windows this is easily resolved by installing the Guest Additions, which does not exist for OSX.


Reading the internet I don't have any X11 server in use. It doesn't matter which type of hardware I use in the windows client, the issue remains.


How to resolve this mouse issue ?

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