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Installation won't start, shutting down after loading GUI!

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System is my main PC, check sig for more.


It loads all kexts and stuff, shows the grey background, then the spinning wheel (harddrive activity/non responsive software/OS) comes, then black screen, where it says "Unloading kexts" and some other "Stops Autoloading kexts"


Then it shuts down. Not reboots, but shuts down.


I have the computer clocked down to stock 2.66


Might this be a problem with my CPU?


For the record, when I try Lion, I only get the SAM Multimedia Error, only on the empty NTFS disk 2s3, even when it is formatted to HFS+ in GParted.


Dunno what causes the first, but best would be to get rid of the latter so I could install Lion instead.


Might this be caused by my S-ATA burner/reader? I always used IDE on this setup before, and that, the CPU, and the hard drive is the only difference from last time I installed. Well, the GFX card is too, but that shouldn't matter in install as long as I get the GUI up at all.

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