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  1. Best current gaming laptop ($1000-1500) for OS X?

    No one?
  2. I am going to buy a new laptop in January (or earlier, we'll see), and I want a laptop that just works awesomely with OS X as oob as possible. It has to have a dedicated gfx card, it cannot be something that falls apart (those are Acers and HP in my eyes). Looking at the Lenovo Y50 right now, ofc the market can change tho, till I get the cash for it. EDIT: This might be interesting as well: https://www.komplett.no/asus-g551jm-156-full-hd-matt/824957 Sorry, in Norwegian, can understand the stats tho.
  3. Choppy graphics with Radeon 6970?

    It seems I am getting the white screen hang without -x even when I run with SkipAtiGFX=1 and GraphicsEnabler=No So I wonder if this is related to the kexts at all. The problem is, before, I had it working, but then I somehow got the ATIxxxxx kexts, now I only got the AMDxxxx kexts. I don't know why I can't get the ATI kexts this time around... Really weird!
  4. Choppy graphics with Radeon 6970?

    1. I am using Gibba, as that was what I used in Lion back in 2011/12 when I started using OS X briefly. Had Minecraft installed there, so I take it it worked fine, haven't tested that version as it is installed (still got it, didn't notice the 80GB missing on my HDD for three years, WTF!), the HDD is very slow so it takes like 1 minute to boot from boot loader to login screen... 2. I can't get into Mavericks install, I get a white screen with a cursor, then it hangs. If I run it without -v, I get the Apple and the loading circle, then I have the Apple and a cursor (!), then it hangs. So basically, with -v, I am where I would be right before it gives me the install screen. Same without, as I get the cursor but the system hangs just before, and 15sec later the cursor is not movable (I actually lose power to my keyboard and mouse then, no LED on my mouse anymore, you know the bright red one under). 3. I am not running it ON the ext hdd, but the install is from, as I lack my memory stick. Works fine to install from it. The OS X itself is running from my Intel SSD, so it is fast as hell, no worries there I wonder if I MUST have Trim enabled for some weird reason? If that can be a trigger for it. Anywho, if you got any good answers to what framebuffer I should try, seeing that I could not use Elodea, this I tried first, till I remembered Gibba worked for a Cayman XT. Cheers! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302400-having-problems-with-white-screen-at-install-of-109-olarila-way/ Here is a link to the Mavericks thread I made first, which takes the white screen and hang at install boot issue to question. The reason I went for Mavericks was hopes that the choppy graphics weren't there, as they weren't there in Lion at all. The only difference between my Lion and Yosemite installs are HDD vs SSD, and Radeon6970.pkg kexts in Lion, and stock kexts with Chameleon loading Gibba FB and GraphicsEnabler=Yes. Everything else is as it was stock in Yosemite.
  5. Hi! I got a post in Mavericks forums which mentions this problem. I gave up Yosemite and got stuck with Mavericks, so if anyone got a solution for me, Yosemite is better, and I don't mind reformatting my ext hdd so I can run the Yosemite image on it again. So, I have a radeon 6970, you can see my specs in my sig. It is choppy, like really choppy, I can write in "root" and "root password" in the login screen, and it doesn't have time to react that I wrote something before it has to start with the (very laggy) spinning circle. However, I can watch YouTube videos. Didn't try HD and fullscreen, but it was no lag at all in 480p windowed YouTube mode. Anyone had these problems here?
  6. Hi! I tried to install Yosemite Olarila way, and I got in, I got sound, I got LAN working, and I had my graphics card working as in it found it, detected exactly what version loaded kexts and everything. But, it was choppy as hell. Like, when the welcome screen came up, it flashed white over the screen till it was loaded, then when I wrote in username and password, it took 5 seconds before it showed up. I could however watch YouTube videos on it, for some weird reason, so I wonder if QE/CI actually worked, but there was something else wrong. Anywho, since I used 14 hours straight to try to fix that, I gave up. Then I tried to install Mavericks the same way as Olarila described, as it actually worked for Yosemite for me. I never got to the "Choose Language" screen. White screen, I can see my external HDD blinking (as in working, loading files to the RAM), then it stopped, started again, then throttled down and nothing else happened, could not use the Caps Lock or mouse, so it cut power to the USBs. So not the traditional white screen, as I got mouse. If I ran it without -v I got the Apple and the spinning wheel, and it stayed when I got the mouse cursor up, then it locked itself like with -v. I tried all boot flags possible. I also deleted all ATI* and AMD* kexts in S/L/E of the install medium, no difference. My current specs (sig is not up to date yet): Intel Core i7 3930k 3,2GHz @ 4,06GHz 16GB Kingston HyperX 1800MHz Intel 530 SSD (install target, worked with Yosemite, but choppy graphics) AMD Radeon HD 6970 (Cayman XT) Asus P9X79 PRO (ALC898, worked in 10.10, Intel 82579V, worked in 10.10) Cheers for all help
  7. Got a friend with the Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 15 0301, wants to try out OS X on it, haven't checked specific specs or anything, I am just jumping straight into it here now. Can't even remember how the install looked like on OS X, so long since last time due to incompatible hardware.
  8. REQUEST: Dual Link DVI for HD3000

    Got a guy helping me, but if anyone is faster, that would help too! I tried with the projectosx stuff, but since I got another card, I need changes I can't make due to lack of skills. Anyone?
  9. REQUEST: Dual Link DVI for HD3000

    HI! I am really unsure how I do this DSDT stuff, tried to figure it out, but I do not understand this. Might be better in two years when I start on bachelor, computer engineer. C++ might help my understanding of DSDT. Anyhow, info! Samsung Series 7 Chronos (700Z5A) Intel Core i7 2.2GHz 8GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 3000 ATI Radeon HD 6750M Broadcom 43225 (this might be nice to get working, MBP got 43224, must be some way, but I don't know what info you need to fix this :S ) Attached in the ZIP-file: DSDT.aml, DSDT.dsl, Devices.txt (output from DSDTSE Windows Edition, device IDs if needed are found here). Sorry about the name, didn't bother changing it Thanks, Jim NB! If any questions, don't hesitate to ask! EDIT: What I really need is DualLink DVI, as I get stretched screen, that is the only thing I have heard causing this problem. I can only guess, and this is my best. IF you got time and skills, I would love to get my wireless and audio injected if possible (latter is a Realtek 887 or 889, not sure tbh. EDITEDIT: Removed my Win7 prod key DSDTSE.zip
  10. System is my main PC, check sig for more. It loads all kexts and stuff, shows the grey background, then the spinning wheel (harddrive activity/non responsive software/OS) comes, then black screen, where it says "Unloading kexts" and some other "Stops Autoloading kexts" Then it shuts down. Not reboots, but shuts down. I have the computer clocked down to stock 2.66 Might this be a problem with my CPU? For the record, when I try Lion, I only get the SAM Multimedia Error, only on the empty NTFS disk 2s3, even when it is formatted to HFS+ in GParted. Dunno what causes the first, but best would be to get rid of the latter so I could install Lion instead. Might this be caused by my S-ATA burner/reader? I always used IDE on this setup before, and that, the CPU, and the hard drive is the only difference from last time I installed. Well, the GFX card is too, but that shouldn't matter in install as long as I get the GUI up at all.
  11. Can't mount FAT from disc apparently. I have to write the file by myself. Doing it from the install disc, impossible, the controls are stupid! Have to do it from vim in -s. Will take 20min at least... Will give it a try. Up and running again. Getting panics on a PCI kext, will note the name if I see it again. Only in boot, never after. I deleted the HDGraphics kext, having only the GMA and SNB kexts, still had QE/CI. This means there is something else giving me QE/CI, maybe my ATI card, but as the SNB is used as framebuffer, I doubt it? However, I dont know, as the ATI cards I/O goes thru the Intel card. Quick addon: Only running the AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext of the Intel kexts. Guess what, still got full reso and QE/CI. That is just WACKED! Deleted the ATI and GeForce drivers too, still got full res and QE/CI. What the hell is causing that? The Framebuffer doesn't give QE/CI for sure! Sorry, just bull{censored}ting you, got NO QE/CI! I only got detection and full resi, still half screen tint bug... Broken Framebuffer, problems with display, or problems with switchable graphics?
  12. Used install-dvd if that is a problem?
  13. Tried Enabler on and off Smbios for Mac Pro, Macbook Pro 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, Mac Mini 5.1 Entering my DevID in other places in the kext (where an ID is present, i.e in this file, there is one id, one id, then 5 ids, mine is in the latter) Now I screwed up, the mac mini smbios screwed my system, can't boot. Anyone know how to mount my USB pen in -s?
  14. Read through it before, doesn't seem like my error at all? I got two connectors out, only one I am able to test atm, due to lack of VGA monitor (I have to be the first one NOT whining about no VGA out!). My HDMI works, as picture states, perfectly.
  15. Ati 6470m

    Throwing myself on this one as well. Check my sig for specs. I found my ATI card ONCE in the About My Mac Advanced thingy, and thats it. I only find my Intel HD Graphics, but that gives me half a screen (see my post in Intel part of the forum to see pic), so I would love to get my 6750M to work (I think it is the same problem as with the 6470m. Jim