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OSX 10.7 on XenServer 6.0 (Xen 6)


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Hi guys,


Anyone find a way to install OSX on XenServer 6 ?

I found some guides for older versions of Xen, but a lot has changed, even since version 5. Wondering if there is any update ?


I tried creating an empty VM and installing using "Other Media" however the VM almost instantly reboots.

I tried a retail 10.7 image and iATKOS L2. But didn't work.


I've also tried migrating an iATKOS L2 install that i got working on VMWARE and used XenConverter to migrate the VM. This also did not work. The VM boots up, boot loader shows up, grey apple mac screen shows up for a bout a minute, but then the VM restarts :(


i reInstalled IATKOS with the fake smc, some drivers, and migrated it again from VMware to XenServer 6, but still no go, same thing.

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