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Bug: launchctl.c:2408


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Hey guys,


finding loads of great stuff here and been using the asus thread for help with my asus 1201N, working very well now on 10.7 love it!



so next plan was to build a desktop


Foxconn MB

Intel Core2Duo @2.4

4GB Ram

ATI Radion 5450

80GB HD-windows

120GB-for OSX



so ive got windows up and running, will duel boot it like I have on my 1201N


Ive decided to remove the GFX card and use the onboard GFX for now, incase that was the reason its not working....


and also unpluged my windows HD



I started off by trying a Lion bootable USB and got a lovely error....


so then looked at iArktos L2 and got the error


Bug: launchctl.c:2408


then tried L1


same thing


So tried Andy's guide in one of the tutorial threads and got the same thing!


what is Bug: launchctl.c:2408?


If I know what it is I might have a chance of fixing it!.... google seems to tell me its a problem with the extensions not being repaired but I cant repair them as its a dmg image file etc, or I dont know how!....



bit of help please :)



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google for the PC efi 10.7 boot file from netkas or use this one http://cl.ly/3x0p0B041H3g3c2O3p2b


show all files on your bootstick replace boot file with the above hide files again and boot via your modified Stick and it should run thru


that at least solved the problem for me with the exact same error

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