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Hi all,

I just installed iAtkos s3 v2 on my new (to me) Asus G60VX-RBBX05, but a strange issue has plagued my moving forward. When I boot into SL, with or without GraphicsEnabler my mouse is SUPER SUPER laggy, to the point of unsuability, plus the animations don't even appear it is so laggy. I have seen other success stories with this laptop but I can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong from their posts. Any help with be greatly appreciated, if you need any more info just ask, this was a fairly quickly put together.



Intel Core 2 Duo

4GB DDR2 667 RAM

Nvidia GTX 260M

320GB 7200rpm HDD


(Need more specs, ask or consult google, model number is above)


Again sorry if I left out a bunch of info, I am fairly rushed in writing this)



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