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How-To Install Snow Leopard on HP DC7600


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Hello, I have just installed Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (using 10.6 and then upgraded to 10.6.8 after) on my HP DC7600 computer system. This one has Pentium D 3.4 GHz processor, but it will be the same as Pentium 4.


I was able to install using OSX86 MODCD for bootup, and I simply used a retail vanilla version of Snow Leopard on a USB stick (no hacked distrobution, 100% legitimate !! )


I just installed without selecting any custom additions.


When it finish installing, you must keep the OSX86 MODCD inside, let it load into Mac OS X


Next step, you must explore the OSX86 MODCD, open the PREboot.dmg file, copy the extra folder and paste into your root directory of your system.


In the Preboot.dmg window, you will now see postboot.dmg, open that one.


Copy the folder with packages onto your desktop


Install the Chameleon package, and LegacyKernel package


Restart computer, take cd out, see if computer boots into Mac OS X flawlessly without need of cd.


If yes, you will then need to install the kexts found at the bottom of this post. Just use kexthelper to install the Audio and Ethernet. Your graphics should automatically work with Mac OS X, as it is 100% compatible (Intel GMA 950)


Restart the computer, voila ;) you now have a 100% Vanilla installation !!! This means you will not have to worry about updating the system!!!


(( Please do not install sleepenabler, if you do and you do a system update... it will cause kernel panic unless you update sleepenabler first. It is not worth it incase you update by accident, so I do not install sleepenabler ))


I am upgrading it to Lion right now 10.7, so hopefully it works, will let you know if it allows Lion (May not, since it requires Core 2 Duo systems, then again About this Mac sees my Pentium D as a Core 2 Duo, doubt that Pentium 4 will work with Lion though)


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Hi can you explain the procedure for the update ?


"I just installed without selecting any custom additions"


Have You deselect the nawcom option before the snow install ?


Have You update to 10.6.8 after the first boot after the registration ?


Or you update after 3 rebott without nawcoom cd



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Nawcom CD boot + DVD retail 10.6.0

Update to the relative legacy kernel 10.6.6 , 10.6.7

After that i update to the 10.6.8 download from apple - not with software update, before restart i replaced the nvidia gefoce driver extension from 10.6.7 , and i suggest to repair permission with kext wizard

Restar wth -f -v

Now i have hpdc 7600 with geforce 9500 gt QE/CI ethernet work 1000 mbit with the right kext , no audio, no sleep.

But the HP is perfect

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I have a DC7600 and the offered procedure does not work without adding '-x' behind 'legacy_kernel'.  Bare DC7600, no pci cards, no USB devices except wired mouse and keyboard, plain and simple as required. 20 GB IDE harddrive. I'm trying to reinstall Snow Leopard which has by the way run flawless for many years. 7 years is a lot for a 99% stable hackintosh with less than 0.5% failed boots. Can't even remember any occasion of failures. But lately FCP 6 failes to run and neither Cubase LE. So I decided it was back to fresh install.


The author does not mention anything about permissions because you can't just save a modified file into the 'extra' folder. There is a lot left out here which are necessary before the offered procedure will work. It sure isn't a step by step guideline.


'If yes, you will then need to install the kexts found at the bottom of this post.' (If no what to do then?).


A missed opportunity.

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