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Installing ideneb 1.5.6 issues...


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Hey guys,

sorry to sound like the other thousands of people on here but im having some issues...


ok heres my specs..


AMD Phenom II 955 running at 3200MHZ with busratio of 16

MSI NF980-g65 Motherboard


1TB of correctly partitioned HD space

Nvidia GTX 570


Im going to Slam heaps of info below if you need it...


changed my Raid from IDE to AHCI


Installed snow Leopard using "-v cpus=4 busratio=16"


selected my primary/active partition of "50GB" and formatted with the appropriate format (journaling etc..)


installs fine however....

When i Boot it gets stuck just after giving my Mac address...


Any ideas?

Anyone got any experience with a similar setup to my own?

Any Knowledge on the right drivers i should be using?

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