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Wlan card help!


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Hey guys, I finally got my BCM94321MC airport card after 2 weeks of waiting, and i installed it, and it gave me a "104 unsupported device detected. Remove device and restart"

Right now I am just using my old wireless card and i can only connect wirelessly to the internet using windows

Right now I have an Atheros 5007 wlan card.

My bios is f33 running on a Compaq Presario A900.


Also, one more lesson I've learned, HP/Compaq is {censored} when you start modifying and changing things. Seriously their bios whitelist is {censored}, and I would edit it, but I don'w know how and I'm not going to attempt because I'm too scared to edit it because i might brick it.


So is there any way to remove the whitelist without changing the bios or modifying the wifi card's id somehow so it can pass the bios test, or to get the ar5007 working?



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