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  1. rlf, how do i type curly brackets? i've tried Alt Gr+7 and 0 and it does not write..
  2. rlf,i have firevault enabled this has something to do with SMBIOS.kext?
  3. Jas 10.4.8

    how much RAM do i need for this installation? i only have 1GB, is this enough?
  4. rlf, i installed Xcode 3.1.4 and everything went fine, there was no need of the screenshots but thanks anyway =) btw, do you know if it's possible to change color theme on Xcode? also, do you use codeblocks or something like that?
  5. rlf, i think on Xcode 2.5 there is no option for customise button and the command line tools listed on apple developer center where only avaliable on February 2012 and require Mac OS X 10.7.3 or later.. i found this http://blog.strug.de/2011/09/homebrew-without-xcode-save-15-gb/ but the versions listed here https://github.com/kennethreitz/osx-gcc-installer/downloads require Mac OS X 10.6.x or 10.7.. do you have any solution? ill try Xcode 3.1.4..
  6. ok, thanks. regarding Xcode i only manage to get working the 2.5 version but i need the Command Line Tools for Xcode, the thing is there is no support for Mac OS X 10.5.8, there is anyway to install gcc without using Xcode?
  7. ok, i have another problem, some applications like Bitcoin client and Tor crash there is any solution for this?
  8. yes, it worked.. now what i should i do make this change forever?
  9. rlf, there is no such option "Show Keyboard Viewer".. mean while i've downloaded "Portugues.keymapping" and place it on "Keyboard layouts" folder, i was following this instructions http://the.taoofmac....uese%20Keyboard but im unable to start X11.. do you have any sugestion?
  10. do you have any other idea to make symbols like arroba appear given a determined shorcut? do you know any other tool?
  11. rfl, when trying to go to File->New From Current Input Source on Ukelele the app crash..
  12. rlf, i dont know how to work with Ukele, there is any other tool that can fix the keyboard layout?
  13. rlf, there is any ready avaliable tool to fix the keyboard layout?(it's a laptop)
  14. yes yes i have AppleSMBIOSEFI.kext there, but not the other two..