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completely lost (windows 7)


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I know you get probably get allot of posts like this, so I am sorry, but I did look, both google and through skimming the first few pages of posts, and couldn't find a valid solution.


I really, really, really suck with anything other than Windows


the guide here:


seams as if it is written to be done on linix (I saw from the sudo command (thanks xkcd for giving me a slight knowledge in another OS) and I don't think I would be able to use it.


and also this:


I think is intended for linix... It mightn't be... I don't know.. I am really sorry for probably adding to the pile of posts which are useless, so maybe if a mod see's this and can link me to a solved question which relates to complete nonWin noobies and message me, then delete posts so I don't waist everyone's time :\


Anyways, thanks guys, I hope that I can soon contribute back into this forum.



pretty much, how can I setup using windows from a dumb**s's pov


I've even looked through youtube... but all I can find is update videos'... oh, for a back story of why a Windoholic wants a mac OS... I am trying to develope iphone apps

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