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Triple Boot Issues


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Hello all, wonderful forum you have here and incredibly helpful community.

I've been reading quite a bit but I'm stuck.


What I've got:

# Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2300E[1.66GHz, 2MB L2, 667MHz FSB]
# 1024MB DDR2 SDRAM memory
# 100GB (5400 RPM) Serial-ATA (SATA) hard disk drive
# DVD SuperMulti (+/-R double layer) drive supporting 11 formats
# 12.1" diagonal widescreen TruBrite™ TFT active-matrix LCD display at 1280x800 native resolution (WXGA)


What I've installed:

Windows XP Pro wSP2 + All Updates, Windows Vista Ultimate RC1 Build 5600 + All Updates, OSX 10.4.7 by Jas


How I've configured it:

Windows XP Pro wSP2 = 25gig partition; primary; active; 0:1
Windows Vista Ultimate RC1 Build 5600 = 25gig partition; primary; 0:2
OSX 10.4.7 by Jas = 15gig partition; primary; 0:3


How I did it:

Windows XP Pro wSP2 installed, updated, configured, made 3DVD disc image for backup purposes.
Installed Partition Magic v8.01 -> Partitioned for Windows Vista RC1 Build 5600 -> 25 gigs
Partitioned for OSX 10.4.7 by Jas -> 15gigs
Left 25gigs unallocated
Burned Windows Vista Ultimate RC1 Build 5600 using Nero v7
Burned OSX 10.4.7 by Jas using Transmac 7.2
Installed Windows Vista Ultimate RC1 Build 5600 to its proper partition (100% working)
Installed OSX 10.4.7 by Jas to its proper partition (HDFS+ Journaled) (Customized using SSE3) (100% INSTALLED)


Ok...here's where my problem comes in.

When I set OSX 10.4.7 by Jas to be ACTIVE + Primary I get the Darwin Bootloader and it shows all 3 options:


0;1 (Windows XP Professional wSP2)

0;2 (Windows Vista Ultimate RC1 Build 5600)

0;3 (OSX 10.4.7 by Jas)


I pick 0;3 and use command line: -v to boot into verbose mode.

I then get a panic error which involved my CPU (Intel Core Duo T2300E 1.66ghz).


The error code says this:


Down Below it says:

Debugger called <panic>
panic (cpu 0 caller 0x0019FC90): Local APIC Error


I've read a lot and tried to provide as much information as possible regarding my procedures and experiences. To date, I read a few posts which suggested turning off one of the CPUs in my bios for running on 1 CPU instead of 2. I've also read briefly that someone claims you can install a fix. I can't seem to find the solid solution to this...but I feel like I'm so close...yet so far away but I want to keep trying. I also want to learn about how this works so I've been reading Wiki about all sorts of things from: X86, OSx86, Partitions, Bits, Bytes, etc. I spend a lot of my free time chatting with guys in the RCE (reverse code engineering scene) and programmers...so I can learn...sometimes on my own and many times with help.


Can someone point me in the proper direction and help me in my journey?

The works of guys like Rammjet, Jas, Myzar, etc really inspire me to keep going and learning.

While I realize this issue seems trivial (most likely) to such experienced guys, it's my journey.


All help is always appreciated and returned in some way, shape or form on my part.

Lastly, I'm an admin of a few forums myself and understand that noobs like me come and go, always.

If I'm in violation of any rules, please forgive me ahead of time, correct me as needed.

I would never violate rules knowingly and only come here to receive help and give it when I can.



I have turned off virtually all settings in my bios and eventually get to a command based login prompt using:



After that almost always I get this error:


 panic(cpu 0 caller 0x0019FC90): Local APIC error
Debugger called: <panic>
Backtrace, Format - Frame: Return Address (4 potential args on stack)
0x107f5c : 0x128aea (0x3b9dcc 0x107f80 0x130c94 0x0)
0x107f9c : 0x19fc90 (0x3bfb0c 0x0 0x2a25200 0x4f)
0x107fbc : 0x3aa51b (0xdb 0x1405bee8 0x2b22c80 0x4r)
0x107fec : 0x196d86 (0xdb 0x1405bee8 0x1405bee8 0x2000007f)
0x1405bf54 : 0x134e1b (0x0 0x38d8e4 0x1405bf84 0x134871)
0x1405bfd4 : 0x196b69 (0x0 0xffffffff 0x297fd48 0x49b800) Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0x0


Thanks a million,


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  • 2 weeks later...

After weeks of reading and helping...


I was able to make a few solid contacts here...


With the help of many I was also glad to become a success story.


The thread that finally set me free was found here:



Many thanks to all who have helped me accomplish this.

Now I can only hope to help many others in return!



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