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Patching Microsoft Intellipoint 8.2 for all mices?

Funky frank

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There is a common problem in OSX 10.4 - 10.6 that the mouse movement isn't very precise. The mouse pointer jumps randomly out of the line in small portions. Some Mac users especially graphics designers found out that Microsoft's Intellipoint (v8.2 downloadable here) speed ups the usb mouse request rate from OSX's low default rate to a higher rate.


And I have to admit that with a microsoft mouse, window movements are much smoother and respond more directly.


If you have one Microsoft mouse and another one also added, it seems that the other one also uses Intellipoint software/drivers. That's only my guess.


I already looked into MicrosoftMouse.kext from Intellipoint, there are no mice ids neither in the Info.plist nor in the binary it seems.


Is there a way to patch the Intellipoint software to be usable for all mices?


Or changing the mouse usb id b adding some meta kext for mices?


What do you think?

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