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is there a hardware database searchable by number of pci slots


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i know its a weird question right?


ok, i have some old pci sound cards (seriously high end ones) with os x drivers.... and its time to update my studio


so i need 3 open pci slots... 4 or more would be nicer... and i want something that i can definitely get OSX working on... i'd like to not struggle too much... and price is only a BIT of an object... i can drop some decent money... i'm just trying to see if there's a way to search hardware by slots so i can get what i need...


if that's not possible (i mean i tried putting the word "slots" in the search terms in the hardware DB and got squat) ... is there somewhere you can search hardware by ... compatible cpu... so i can at least get the most power.


i hope this is not seen as a "tell me what to buy" post, because its really more of a "what tools are available" post.

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