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windows 7 issue with chameleon


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Thanks to all for these forums and the guides within the forums, they are amazing and very helpful to make osx run. My system is ASUS g73jh with 8 gig of ram and 1 gig ati 5870 graphics. Only problems with osx are sleep (wont reload video upon return from sleep) and keyboard lights (wont turn on at all) both of which are liveable and are not worries at this point


My problem is that osx works nearly perfectly, However windows loaded through chameleon works for a variable duration of time then will hard lock (sometimes before windows loads other times after 2 hours of use).


When i take the osx drive out and load normally to windows no problems at all. On a side note not sure that this will affect anything but my osx drive is a 500 gb 7200 rpm drive while the windows drive is a agility ocz 112 gb solid state drive.


This makes me believe i missed some windows install for chameleon or am loading chameleon with my osx boot values. Or that due to being unable to read the osx drive windows panics and locks up.


Thank you in advance for any input/solutions to this problem. (also running chameleon 2 RC5 now)

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Have you tried switching physical ports on the drive? Once your select windows and boot, the device shouldn't even know that the OSX drive is where it booted from.


Try to strip it down, reinstall chipset drivers, and every other driver you can find for you g73jh, also flash the bios to 213 if you haven't yet. Easiest way is to pull out a jump drive, throw the bios file in the root, then start ez flash from the bios.

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OSX,and Chameleon,shouldn't have anything to do with your Windows problems.When you daisychain from chameleon to ntloader on the other drive,it doesn't parse any parameters,just runs the other bootloader binary.It has something to do with your drives/chipset/BIOS configs.What happens if you pop up the boot menu and boot the Windows hard drive directly ?Try it without removing the OSX drive physicaly.

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