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Mail - Adding to Address book issue

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Due to a Virus ( Yes on a Mac !! ) which has used my Mail address book to fwd itself to everyone, I now have the task of sending an email to warn all I may have forwarded it too.

Although I don't normally send an email to 'All' I am experiencing problems trying to do this.

At the moment I am going into Mail and opening 'Window'-and then 'Previous recipients' to see who I need to forward my email too.

Although this lists all the addresses I may be interested in I cannot see a way to copy those I want into the address field.

It shows the option to 'copy into address book' but this tab is greyed out and does't allow me to do this.

Obviously with the addresses in my address book I don't have a problem adding them to my mail but the question is - Why is the option to 'copy into address' book greyed out and not allowing me copy from my previous recipients list.

For the record the option to 'delete from list' is working fine.


Any help or advice much appreciated.

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