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How to clone Windows 7 Partitions


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So the other day I wanted to use carbon copy cloner to copy my windows 7 partition. I found out that was impossible with the current release so I was forced to find an alternative. I use chameleon as my boot loader and discovered a way to clone a windows 7 partition and to use chameleon to load it.


How to clone a windows 7 partition w/o burning any cd's or using windows image restore:


Need two hard drives one with windows 7 pre installed

install Aomei Partition Assistant freeware http://www.partition-magic-windows7.com/download.html

clone the partition with file level copy this will reboot system and boot into the cloning software

boot back into original windows 7 partition

download easy bcd

easy bcd the cloned bcd i.e. d:\boot\bcd

manage computer change bcd to match partition boot d:\ in my case (had to change cd-rom from d:\ to F:\ in disk management)

You may need to close and reopen easy bcd for it to recognize the drive change in disk management

if multi booting make drive letter correspond to had drive(s) scheme for bcd

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