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Hard drive from macbook pro with broken screen into pc?


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Yes it is possible, but if you want to use it in a PC it's not possible to do it "without hacking" unless you are extremely good at picking compatible notebook hardware. And even then, some hacking will be required.


Practice getting a fresh retail install of OS X running on your PC with as few modifications as possible and with the bootloader + patches separate from the system, as much as you can in /Extra/Extensions.

Preferably the same version of OS X as is installed on your macbook's old drive.


Once it is working well, you can then use the same configuration to boot the drive from the macbook and it should work.


It's possible that some registered, store bought software will stop working as it will be tied to your macbook pro's serial number and/or ethernet MAC address. Of course there are ways to spoof these on a hackintosh (or a real Mac).


It will not be easy to pull all of this off and get away 100% clean, but it should be possible if you know what you're doing. It'll be a lot of work.


Good luck and keep us updated!

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