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Edit .kext without the Terminal or permission repair.


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This is for people who are a little more comfortable using GUI than Command Line.


Text Wrangler is freeware app made by Bare Bones.




The first time that you run Text Wrangler it will ask you if you want install some unix administration tools.


Yes you want.


This enable Text Wrangle to save as the root user.


To get started drag your hard drive to the Text Wrangle Icon in your dock. (assuming That is already open or kept in your dock.)


It has its own file browser and will let you navigate hidden files if needed. Navigate to /System/Library/Extensions/


choose your .kext file.


You will notice that it let you navigate the .kext file just like it was a folder.


Nav to info.plist that you want to edit and either double click the file or click the open button the top right conner of the window. This will open the file in a new window.


Once you start to make edits it will ask you if you want to unlock the file.


Click Yes.


When you are done making your changes go head save the file. A window will pop up asking for password.


Now that your file is saved you won't have to repair the permission.

You will still need to nav to /System/Library and throw a way Extensions.kextcache & Extensions.mkext files.


It should be obvious that you don't have start by dragging your hard drive. you can start with the Extensions folder or even a .kext file.


Hopefully this will be helpful, especially for any noobs.

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aaargh, i can't open both programs, they open and i see a little move in the dock (making place for a new icon) but then it quits! i have this same problem with other programs on my iMac G3, what's wrong?


I'm not sure what the problem would be but you could check /Application/Utilities/Console see if it say any thing when you try to launch your app. If does go head post the info that might help in figuring it out.


I don't think it will help, but you could try checking Open with Rossetta in the get info menu, other wise lets see what you console says.

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