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problem with 10.4.6


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I have gone through the installation proces with the 10.4.6 hotiso release using vmware. I went through the entire installation process where i chose the select files to install and what not. Everything works fine up to this point.


Installation finishes and then prompts me to reboot the machine. I click the restart button and vmware restarts. However once I restart and tell it to boot from the harddrive i got a no operating system found. VMware gives me a "no bootable disc error) and then i get a no operating system error in bios.


The only thing i can do from here is completely restart the intall process. I did this twice and the same outcome occured.


The reason i used vmware is because i tried to boot from the dvd and the first menu that comes up asking which language to install i cannot move the cursor. I have a usb mouse and i tired connecting the ps/2 converter and it still doesnt work. Therefore i cannot go further with the installation process......?


any ideas?



i have a:


amd athlon64 3000 (sse2)

asus k8v se deluxe

1 gb ram (512 x2)

40 gb ide individual partition for OS X

radeon 9800

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