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EeePC 900 - iPC OSx86 10.5.6 (Leopard) Final - Fully Working

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Install OSX Leopard on EeePC 900 - Fully Working!

OSX installed on the second internal 8GB SSD memory of the EeePC 900.

1-2. PURCHASE OS X Leopard disc.

3. You need an external USB DVD player. Plug it into the EeePC and insert the OSX Leopard DVD (iPC OSx86 10.5.6).

4. Boot from the DVD

5. Follow the instructions from Install Mac OS X (iPC 10.5.6) on EeePC 900 Part1 Youtube video on how to install the OSX Leopard on the internal SSD memory of the EeePC 900. How to prepare (partition) the second EeePC 900 SSD memory and what cutomizations to choose for the installation of OSX 10.5.6

6. Make sure NOT to choose any Audio drivers during Customize. Also Ethernet can be passed on since the Attansic L1 driver of Customize does not work either. Also, Wireless does not work (we'll see workarounds for these).

7. During Customize in "Fixes and Patches" make sure in "PS/2 Device Support" you check PS/2 Mouse Fix NOT Keyboard Fix. The video instructions here are WRONG.

8. After installation an Reboot follow the instructions of Install Mac OS X (iPC 10.5.6) on EeePC 900 Part 2 Youtube video for the post-installation configuration of the system.

9. If during the first reboot or even later on the system fteezes on boot (stay on "apple screen with the revolving cursor indefinetly) or reports kernel panic, don't panic. Power off the system by pressing the power button for a while and (it might be necessary to) remove and replug the battery. Has worked for me.

10. After the initial installation almost everything works! Display works, camera works, keyboard and mouse work.

11. What doesn't work. Ethernet, Wireless, Audio don't work. To make them work do the following

12. Wireless. Do NOT get the Dell 1390 minicard (as many suggest in the forums) to replace the internal wireless card of the EeePC 900. You probably cannot find it (easyly) outside US and it's hell to do the replacement. You must literally take the EeePC 900 apart. Get a cheap (around 19€) USB wireless dongle based on Realtek RTL8187B chip (that's what I did) and download the "Realtek_RTL8187B_MacOS10.5_Driver1148_UI157.zip" driver (from Realtek site) and install it on your OSX system (run the install.pkg to do it). And Voila! you have wireless. Or maybe the RTL8187Bt.kext from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=193561 could work (unzip and use Kext Helper to install the kext). I did the first choice.

13. Sound. Get the VoodooHDA kext (it's in a zip file, see the README also) from "http://thireus.dareyourmind.net/index.php/macos-apps/13-get-microphone-and-audio-in-working-on-your-eeemac" and install it with Kext Helper. The site has instructions also about what to chose and hpw to install it. I chose the 0.2.2_r8_Thireus_patched_light and it works fine.

14. Ethernet. Get the kext (driver) "AttansicL2Ethernet090224.kext.zip" for the EeePC 900 ethernet adapter from "http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=102835&st=0entry1091709" and install it using kext helper.

15. To have proper Mac control keys, goto System Preferences/Keyboard & Mouse/Keyboard/Modifier Keys... and switch Option Key and Command Key. Then the Windows Key will function as Command Key and the Alt Key will function as Option Key, just like in real MacBook.


Now you have a fully functioning MacEee with OS X Leopard 10.5.6 Almost. The Fn (blue) keys don't work.


Also instructions from "http://overuseee.pistooli.com/?p=146" can be usefull especially if you want to transfer the OSX installation to a SD card or an external USB Disk (using Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper!) and must make the partition bootable.

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