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Dual Boot help

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Here's the setup:


Dell Vostro 1500 with SSD in HDD Compartment.


HDD in the DVD drive bay.


Windows is installed on the SSD, OS X on the HDD.


The Bios is only able to boot off of the SSD though. So I installed Chimera onto the SSD, wiping the small boot partition that Windows 7 sets-up right at the start of the partition.


Now, I can boot into OS X, but when I select Windows it complains that it has a missing BOOT something, press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.


So, how does anyone suggest I go about this? I can repair the windows install easily enough, but then I lose OS X.



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the way i do 2 separate hd is:

hd0: win7|linuxmint in EXt4|6GB swap for linux

hd1: osx


in the win7 install easybcd 2.1 then add Linux Grub2 rename to Mint 11 or whatever. click save.

now after installing linux it will take over bootsector and should detect osx auto

but on some cases win7 could have issues with grub2 on hibernate so i restore win7 boootsector in easybcd.

now win7 menu and linux shows in it, select linux and in the grub2 menu should show "Linux & Mac"


if osx doesnt work (using EFI instead of plain hd1s2 chameleon install) then u have to modify in custom section 40 of /boot/grub/grub.cfg

in terminal type. sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg


add this to custom section

menuentry "Mac OS X on HD1" {
insmod hfsplus
set root=(hd1)
chainloader +1

this will boot the hd from its bootsector rather than pass commands from grub



to fix windows.. boot the 7 dvd or usb.. repair computer.. then if it didnt work.. goto command console and fiddle with bcdedit

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Right, took a while, but I've now reinstalled the WIndows 7 bootloader. It's a little different to before, I had to copy the boot loader off of the Windows 7 boot media and for some reason it looks like Vista...


Anyway, I installed EasyBCD, installed NeoGrub and it boots up to Chameleon, however, this boots for a second and then crashes, restarting.


Chimera that I had installed before worked and booted. What's the difference between Chimera and Chameleon that lets it work? I don't use any flags, as far as I'm aware to get it to work.

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i never had success with plain easybcd and neogrub .. i used linux to add manualy the entry and that works.

easybcd expects a real mac not chameleon2 . thats why chainloader +1 works. it boots the bootsector completely. not 1/2 way like neogrub. (can neogrub read from hfs ?? linux can with insmod hfsplus.)


install linux to partition in HD0 (as i outlined in my first post). then add linux in easybcd with grub2.. so 7 menu shows .. "Windows 7" and "Linux & Mac"

then in linux edit the grub.cfg in custom section. add the entry i posted.

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might have to put win7 and linux in booting hdd then osx in ssd

edit backwards. i see u have it other way. should work.

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