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GarageBand -- SLOW!


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On my quick Mac OSX86, GarageBand is horribly slow and choppy when it comes to music. The app itself is fine, but once you start adding ANYTHING I need to "lock" the track in order for it to play.


Is there anyway to make GarageBand work properly (i.e., speed it up)?

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I just installed JAS 10.4.8 on my E6600 Core 2 Duo (currently dont have my onboard sound working but Line 6 USB Toneport is running as soundcard and ethernet is not working; don;t know how to do this!?!) but everything else is working fine.


I did this install pretty much just for Garageband as I love it and NEED it but I can;t get it to install.


I actually have a genuine Apple OSX disk with iLife06 as part of the bundled add-ons; I've tried to install from here but it does a system check and says it can't install iLife on my machine.


I also downloaded :) a dmg of iLife06 (Garageband only) from a torrent. It took me a day to download it (via Windows as ethernet not working on osx86) and the mac can't open it. It mounts the dmg but when you then click the install file it says "unable to open".


Please help me; I'm a desperate man in need of Garageband - I just can;t afford a decent mac to run it on!!!


Thanks in advance guys,


Jim, UK





My Setup:-

E6600 Core 2 Duo 2.4 (AS ROCK Conroe945 DV Chipset)

2gb Ram

Nvidia 7600 256mb

Onboard sound / Ethernet (neither are working)

OSC is running natively on its own 80gb IDE HDD.

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