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iPhone 4S 64GB leaks mean no iPhone 5 tomorrow?

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Ahead of tomorrow's media event where Apple's invited us to talk iPhone for what is inevitably going to be a new iPhone announcement alongside iOS 5, it's now come to light that Apple's iTunes beta released on Friday contains references to an "iPhone 4S".


The screenshot below courtesy of AppleInsider shows references to the iPhone 4S from the iTunes beta's info.plist file.


Furthermore, Vodafone in Germany has leaked details on their website of the different configurations of the iPhone 4S, including capacities up to 64GB!


While it's been speculated that Apple may release an all-new iPhone 5 alongside an updated but entry-level iPhone 4S based on the current iPhone 4, the rumormill is now concerned that with a reference to an iPhone 4S only, and no reference to an iPhone 5, could there be nothing more to come from Apple?


Further reports are coming in that Apple intends to keep the iPhone 3GS in the line-up, which would further support that there may be no "iPhone 5", as it's unlikely Apple will have 3+ different models of iPhone at one time, especially with their philosophy of having minimal product lines.


This hasn't stopped the rumormill continue buzzing about the possibility of an iPhone 5, and even musician T-Pain is getting in on the hype by having a futuristic translucent iPhone-like phone in his music video!


There's now less than 24 hours before we find out for sure!


Click here to view the article

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there are 2 ways of looking at this, i'll let you decide whichever you think is the most feasible.


1) the iphone 4S idents in the newest itunes beta without any mention of an i5 does indeed point to there being no i5. end of story.

2) maybe the iphone 5 is not yet ready for public release and therefore adding pictures, idents etc into itunes already is sort of pointless. maybe they will announce it and just add it into itunes in later betas/final release. apple likes to keep us guessing after all.


personally, as long as its got a dual core processor, and 1gb of ram then imho its worthy of being a new revision. itl be a whole new league of smartphone. but its to apples discretion how they want to brand it after all.

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