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Problem with SSD!

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Im having a problem with my mbp(mid 2010). It seems that the write speed has gone pretty bad, especially for 4k blocks.

I had spilled beer on my laptop a while back, had it cleaned and seemed to work fine, i dont know wether or not this had any effect on my ssd, but i guess it's important enough to note.

The reason i decided to check it is that i felt the ssd performance being a little sluggish.


Anyway, what would you suggest me to do? Maybe im just being paranoid and those numbers are perfectly fine after a one year usage.



I erased ssd and the perfromance seems to have increased and yet it's a bit too slow, but i found out that my ssd doesnt have TRIM support and TrimEnabler doesnt work for me.

Any advice would be nice.


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There are many factors to take into consideration one of the main ones though are the amount of read and write you put on an SSD is proportionate to the degradation of it's IO speeds. Also you have to give a bit more detail as to what the stated specs of the SSD are and it would be a tad bit more helpful if you took a test when you first got it and compared it to a test taken a year later for more concrete evidence.


I'm also assuming you aren't a powerhouse user who actually pushed their SSD real hard in a year and seeing as how it isn't in RAID 0 either I doubt the performance would degrade so rapidly over a year but again there are many variable factors. I must say though for SSD speeds, those do seem on the sluggish side of the table. The lack of TRIM support could have been another main concern for your current speeds which should be taken into account as well.


I just ran a test on a fairly new SSD on a SATA 2 controller just for comparison sake with yours and the differences become more noticeable in the uncached write. (specs are rated at 270 / 250 read/write for sata2)


I've burned through a pair of intel 60gb SSD's (first gen) in raid0 till the point where they couldn't be written to anymore which was over the course of a year give or take a few months of course.


Hope I've helped you out a little bit =)


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