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  1. Hello. Im having a problem with my mbp(mid 2010). It seems that the write speed has gone pretty bad, especially for 4k blocks. I had spilled beer on my laptop a while back, had it cleaned and seemed to work fine, i dont know wether or not this had any effect on my ssd, but i guess it's important enough to note. The reason i decided to check it is that i felt the ssd performance being a little sluggish. Anyway, what would you suggest me to do? Maybe im just being paranoid and those numbers are perfectly fine after a one year usage. I erased ssd and the perfromance seems to have increased and yet it's a bit too slow, but i found out that my ssd doesnt have TRIM support and TrimEnabler doesnt work for me. Any advice would be nice.
  2. alright i found some video cards - HD4870 - but would be nice if you could clarify the name a little more, because i wouldnt want to buy a HD4870 which is windows modified (im not even sure they is such a thing). Anyway thanks for that Nick14, ill put a deeper look into it when i have the time. Found a Asus Hd4870 Pcie 512mb Gddr5 which seems to be mentioned only for windows. or ASUS RADEON HD4870 PCIE 512MB GDDR3 same, for windows.
  3. ok thanks. i guess it will work with my mac pro.. ? anyway thanks, ill check it out.
  4. more than 50 views and not even 1 answer? Im just asking for a video card which would work on my mac pro.. Im not sure geforce 8800 would work, or would it?
  5. hello, im using mac pro Dual-Core Intel Xeon (4 cores) which is aprrox 1 year old. Problem with it is that im using Nvidia geforce 7300 which is a very bad video card. I want to buy a new video card which would be better for gaming. Im asking here because i dont know if all video cards are usable with my macpro, i had asked this question before here but i want a little bit more focus on wether the video card works on my old mac pro. I had offers about ati radeon x1900 xt but it's pretty expensive, even more expensive than nvidia geforce 8800(which im not sure would work on my macpro). Thanks.
  6. Thank you very much, that's exactly what i needed to hear.
  7. 50 views and not even 1 answer? Come on ..
  8. Greetings. I will start with pointing out im a virgin when it comes to computer hardware, anyway to the point. im using MacPro(Dual-Core Intel Xeon) which has served me well for more than 1 year. So i've been playing WoW a little and i started realizing i want to improve its preformance. I think you get that by upgrading your video card. Well thing is that .. I have NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT which as far as i know is a pretty old one, so i want to buy a new one which would increase the preformance of gaming and using photoshop. Any suggestions? I googled up NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT. Is it the newest/best? Or would you suggest, maybe upgrading others parts of my pc? Anyway here's the deal. Model Name: Mac Pro Model Identifier: MacPro1,1 Processor Name: Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz Number Of Processors: 2 Total Number Of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per processor): 4 MB Memory: 2 GB Bus Speed: 1.33 GHz Thanks.
  9. Cant start macintosh.

    I just installed windows. But when i try to restart my machine it automatically starts windows. How can i get back to macintosh? :/ When i restart.. there is this white screen.. then black. and Whola windows.
  10. How to rebind keys?

    I need to to rebind ~ with ' . They both are on the same key, but the difference is that.. to get ~ i have to press shift ' . ' is between Shift and Z. Basically i want it to be like this .. when i press ' i get ~. When i press shift + ' i get '. I am a new mac user so please help me.
  11. Help a newbie.

    I failed to install bootcamp.. problem with installation cd but I remember installing paralells some while ago but i recall i couldnt run any games. Did i have to install something more than just paralells with windows xp ? I will try again later.
  12. Help a newbie.

    I am very sorry that im making so many topics here (2nd) but im really a macintosh virgin and i need some advice. What do i need to run windows games on macintosh? I heard about paralells and other applications but i really have no idea. For example .. when i get paralells working .. do i need to install any drivers for the games to work? Obviously on windows i had to install some kind of video drivers.
  13. CS on Crossover.

    Any help?
  14. CS on Crossover.

    How to get Console on CS 1.6 ? To get ~ i have to press " SHIFT + ' " And it doesnt work on cs. And/Or how to rebind buttons. For example .. Rebind ~ to Q. Problem n2. How can i install warcraft 3 for windows? When i start w3 installation it automatically starts the macintosh's installation. I want to run w3 with crossover.
  15. Problem with windows disk.

    I burned the installation files.. mounted image and took all the files in toast.