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Mac OSX86 10.4 wont boot from hd help!


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Hi. I have formatted the drive using apple osx disk utility as MAC Os extended journalised. The partition is active so that isnt the problem. Reading these forums i found out that on the osx 10.4.4 disk - the disk utility doesnt work propelery.


It installs osx fine, and reboot, after post, theres just a blinking cursor on a black screen and thats it. Its as though the mbr is faulty or something.


I hope someone can assist me, thanks for your time


Regards Paul

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Well, you might have to find a bootable Windows partition app on a utility disk or use a bootable Linux disk to partition the drive. Format using FAT32, and then when you run Disk Utility, reformat to MacOS Extended Journaled.


There is one other thing to try:


On the install DVD, go to the Utilities menu and select Terminal.


In Terminal, type: diskutil list


Observe what number is the disk you plan on installing OSX - disk0, disk1, etc


Use that number in this command:


Type: fdisk -a boothfs /dev/rdisk0 <-- use the correct number here with "rdisk"

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Ok thats done it ive successfully got the harddrive to boot. Im now however faced with another problem, ive got to enable the cpu patches in the AMD_Enabler folder to start .


theres a folder on the DVD called amd_enabler, but im not sure how to get to it in this system, for example


in msdos i would type in cd D:\amd_enabler (where d was my cd drive)


I read to do this: -


Start in single user mode once osx is installed.

now type in


CD /AMD_Enabler

mount -uw /

chmod 755 patcher

./patcher cpuid_patches.txt

wait for reboot


I can do this when i boot from the dvd - but it gives a write error obviously as its not writable

if i try doing this when i boot from my new os installation however it says AMD_Enabler - no such file or directory, the folder is on the dvd, but its not on my hd


Also is there a command in this os to directory a drive (DIR doesnt seem to work)



All this is necessary because i use an amd 64, and login setup assistant crashes

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First, copy the AMD_Enabler to the root directory of your installation.

From the installer DVD, go to Terminal.


Type: cp -R /AMD_Enabler "/Volumes/(name-of-your-OSX-partition)/"

Run the patcher:

Boot into single user mode (hit F8 at boot and enter -s)


At the command prompt
Type: mount -uw /

Type: cd /AMD_Enabler

Type: chmod 755 patcher

Type: ./patcher cpuid_patches.txt

wait for reboot


To list a directory in Terminal, use ls or better ls -al

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