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how to disable fsck_hfs at boot time

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Hi guys,


Is there a way to disable fsck_hfs checking upon boot?


I've recently been getting these really long progress bars upon booting my OSX 10.6.8 (MacBook Pro) and when I checked in verbose mode, I saw that fsck_hfs was trying to fix my drive during boot.


Thus takes so much time since it takes 3 passes before it actually gives up and loads the OS.


I've looked for the rc.boot and didn't find any, maybe you have a way to disable fsck running at boot time? Is there a log file somewhere that I can delete to prevent the fsck from happening at boot?


PS. I've tried renaming fsck_hfs in sbin to see if that will do the trick and simply didn't work as it didn't load OSX. So that option's out.


Thanks in advance.

You're seeing fsck because it always runs when booting in verbose mode.


If normal non-verbose mode boot is taking too long, run console.app and check timestamps in kernel.log/system.log to track down the issue.


I should be surprised if fsck is also running in non-verbose mode.


Boot with your installation DVD, run Disk Utility and do a drive repair.

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