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After beginning to get sick of seeing modded G5 after G5 popping up I decided to put my G5 on hold and get stuck into one of the G4 sawtooth cases I had lying around. I had been quite inspired by Macbane's G4 however this is also going to be my gaming pc so they PSU had to stay in it's original spot so I could fit in decent video cards. The mod is nearly finished - just need to get the outside panels paint finished and put them back on. I'll throw up some build photos later on but hear is a teaser for now.


Current specs are:


Asus P8P67-M-Pro

Core I5 2500K

ATI HD 6870

8gb G Skil DDR3 (about to be replaced with 16gb Corsair vengeance low profile)

OCZ 120gb Vertex 3 + Samsung spinpoint F3 1tb

Antec true power 750w PSU


Oh and yes the door shuts too!!


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Thanks!! It's going to be looking cleaner soon. I'm just waiting on an 8 pin extension cable and 2 PCIE extension cables so I can hide those out of the way too.

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