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  1. LIQUID G4

    Thanks!! It's going to be looking cleaner soon. I'm just waiting on an 8 pin extension cable and 2 PCIE extension cables so I can hide those out of the way too.
  2. looks nice - I love the mountain mods tray!!
  3. LIQUID G4

    After beginning to get sick of seeing modded G5 after G5 popping up I decided to put my G5 on hold and get stuck into one of the G4 sawtooth cases I had lying around. I had been quite inspired by Macbane's G4 however this is also going to be my gaming pc so they PSU had to stay in it's original spot so I could fit in decent video cards. The mod is nearly finished - just need to get the outside panels paint finished and put them back on. I'll throw up some build photos later on but hear is a teaser for now. Current specs are: Asus P8P67-M-Pro Core I5 2500K ATI HD 6870 8gb G Skil DDR3 (about to be replaced with 16gb Corsair vengeance low profile) OCZ 120gb Vertex 3 + Samsung spinpoint F3 1tb Antec true power 750w PSU Oh and yes the door shuts too!!
  4. You just use the existing stand offs in the g5 case that the g5 motherboard screws onto. You then drill holes in your motherboard tray to suit these stand offs. You can use the original screws that hold the g5 motherboard to screw your motherboard tray to the case and you bolt your motherboard to the motherboard tray. You do need to modify the back of the case too. Checks a couple of the g5 builds in this thread they cover this in great detail with a lot of pictures that will give you a good idea what I'm talking about. Just keep in mind this isn't exactly like building a pc - you're going to have to cut metal and you're going to have to works out how you want to mount a great number of parts in the case. If any of this scares you I would seriously look at building a g4 case with a m-atx board first.
  5. There's a few different ways but most people just bolt the tray to the existing headers in the case for the g5 mobo. I'm using a Lian li tray but it took me a while to find one (or even anywhere that would bother ordering it for me) I ended up getting it through ITS direct in Brisbane Australia
  6. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Hi alohacab just got my cable today - very professional! Thanks for making my g5 mod so much easier.
  7. "Black Ops" G4

    I haven't tried them but the Taimya paints should be very good for this use (I've seen them used on other cases before and they are specific plastic paints) I'd stay away from their paints designed for lexan / poly for this use though - I doubt they'd stick to the case for very long. Nice case - pretty much identical to the G4 I'm doing at the moment (in between doing a G5 which is my main project) only I've painted my handles black too and gone for white apple logos. Good Work!
  8. ok I'm looking to upgrade my current RAID 5 Linux server to something that doesn't consume 160w at idle and I can't make up my mind between a normal mac mini or server. I have a macbook, macbook pro and a hackintosh that I want to use time machine to backup to an external RAID array on the mini (most likely a Promise smartstor possibly a DROBO). I know that I don't really need osx server to accomplish this though I have used it extensively and I like it but the only real benefit I see is a slightly quicker setup for time machine for my purposes. Outside of time machine backups the mini is really only going to serve as a media server for my PS3 and as an HTPC (both are connected to my plasma). The benefits I see with the server version are the faster drives (which I can mirror RAID too) faster CPU and more RAM - OSX server would just be a bonus. I don't care about an optical drive as I'll just turn on my PS3 if I want to watch a dvd or blu ray. Just trying to weigh up if the extra $400 is worth it or not. That $400 would pay for my external RAID enclosure and I already have a bunch of 1.5tb drives waiting to go into the enclosure. A mac mini based off sandy bridge with light peak, esata or usb 3 would be very nice but seeing as we don't have crystal balls to tell when (if) such a machine will ever see the light of day I don't see the point in waiting - I'd just use FW800 for my RAID or pull out one of the drives and add an esata cable (provided the mac mini chipset supports port multipliers - something I have't researched yet). Anyway if you were me which way would you go? Thanks,
  9. nVidia GTX460

    I'm really hanging out to try one of these cards - my experience with hacks and osx tell me that this card will be supported eventually but you're going to have to wait until either apple or someone like EVGA releases a driver (like they did with the gtx285 - even then it may not be of any use though). This card will work eventually bu if you really need that sort of power now I'd probably just go with a 5770 (not an ATI fan though) or go one of the other 4xx cards based on the fermi architecture.
  10. Well I've effectively upgraded my 10.5.8 install to 10.6.0 I was expecting to wipe out 10.5.8 all together. not a single KP but it hasn't booted in 64 bit so I'll try rebooting with -x64. I've also lost sound (dsdt mustn't be right) and about this mac shows "unknown processor" - both easy fixes though. Seriously once I'd setup a 2nd internal drive to boot the install disk image it wasn't much harder than upgrading my MBP. But here's the proof. Desktop.tiff I still haven't tried shutdown, sleep or restart yet though
  11. That's pretty much what I'm attempting at the moment. Didn't have an 8gb flash drive or usb HDD so I've restored the OSX Install dvd image to a 2nd internal drive, booted it with Chameleon and I'm in the process of installing over my existing Leopard install. I like MACINIZED's macloader method and I've used it since Leopard so I've updated it with my DSDT and relevant kexts from lancelotu's guide. 15 mins and I'll see if it boots.
  12. 7600 didn't give me any luck. it's weird though cos when you boot verbosely it makes it to the same last line in RC2 as it does in RC1 it just doesn't go onto bring up the desktop. Thanks anyway for your effort Macinized (obviously your macloader isn't my problem RC2 is).
  13. Well I tried your new package but RC2 doesn't like my pc. It just hangs in the boot process and doesn't give any real errors or anything - just hangs in the section where it's loading all my vmnet stuff - funny thing is I can plug in my FW audio interface at this point and it''s recognised but the boot still doesn't continue. I've downgraded to RC1 so I can boot and will keep playing. I think chameleon isn't liking my 9600GT so I'll try an older 7600 and see if that works
  14. You're a legend Macinized. I'll give it a try when I get home tonight.
  15. Anyone tried using this method tried updating to Chameleon RC2?