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WANTED/Project: Modded PowerMac G4 Cube PC

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I want to buy a modded PowerMac G4 Cube for my friends 18th birthday present.


It should be able to run Lion, but using PC components, of course.


I guess this will require an ITX motherboard.


The power switch MUST work flawlessly, there are some guides around on the web, I don't care how it is done but it must be a capacitive button that switches the machine on ;)


I am not going to be too specific with specifications, if you can provide a quote or something stating your proposal then I will have a look but it must have the following as a minimum:

Core i7 processor

1tb (may be pushed for space, but assume no budget for now!)

Decent graphics card, no heavy gaming will be done, but there can't be any lag in everyday video streaming (may well be 1080p). HDMI essential.

Slot-load blu-ray drive (presumably taken from a laptop or ebay)



Thunderbolt would be awesome for the future, but I understand it is not very common at the moment, so depending on how soon we get this project going depends on whether this will be included I guess.


It must be capable of running OS X Lion flawlessly (no, I'm not asking you to install it for me, that's illegal!)


I know this is a lot to ask for, but just assume there's no budget for the moment (of course there is a budget, but if I want exactly what I'm looking for then I'm going to need to spend quite a lot I'd imagine!).


Oh and just to make it slightly more complicated, fans must be kept to a minimum! Passive would be awesome, but I realise this could cause complications.


I am based in the UK, but will happily pay to have it shipped from the USA or other places.


Plenty of people have stuffed PCs into PowerMac G4 Cube cases, I considered doing it myself for a while until I got worried that I might destroy the beautiful case!


PSU may have to be external, if this is the case then it must fit into the original PSU enclosure :)


So, experienced modders only I guess, post/send me your proposals!


Thanks a lot,


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