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  1. I want to buy a modded PowerMac G4 Cube for my friends 18th birthday present. It should be able to run Lion, but using PC components, of course. I guess this will require an ITX motherboard. The power switch MUST work flawlessly, there are some guides around on the web, I don't care how it is done but it must be a capacitive button that switches the machine on I am not going to be too specific with specifications, if you can provide a quote or something stating your proposal then I will have a look but it must have the following as a minimum: Core i7 processor 1tb (may be pushed for space, but assume no budget for now!) Decent graphics card, no heavy gaming will be done, but there can't be any lag in everyday video streaming (may well be 1080p). HDMI essential. Slot-load blu-ray drive (presumably taken from a laptop or ebay) Bluetooth Thunderbolt would be awesome for the future, but I understand it is not very common at the moment, so depending on how soon we get this project going depends on whether this will be included I guess. It must be capable of running OS X Lion flawlessly (no, I'm not asking you to install it for me, that's illegal!) I know this is a lot to ask for, but just assume there's no budget for the moment (of course there is a budget, but if I want exactly what I'm looking for then I'm going to need to spend quite a lot I'd imagine!). Oh and just to make it slightly more complicated, fans must be kept to a minimum! Passive would be awesome, but I realise this could cause complications. I am based in the UK, but will happily pay to have it shipped from the USA or other places. Plenty of people have stuffed PCs into PowerMac G4 Cube cases, I considered doing it myself for a while until I got worried that I might destroy the beautiful case! PSU may have to be external, if this is the case then it must fit into the original PSU enclosure So, experienced modders only I guess, post/send me your proposals! Thanks a lot, Ollie
  2. Vostro15

    G4 Cube Plans

    If you are thinking about the Gigabyte motherboard simply for USB3 functionality, then take a look at the newer Zotac H55ITX-C-E. It is based on the other Zotac that the hackintosh community are starting to adore but it adds USB3 to lure anyone who considered buying the Gigabyte.
  3. iMac - Core i3 - ATI 5xxx Graphics Mac Pro 12 Core etc! (August) Looks like good news for getting ATI 5-series fully working! All live on the Apple Store (Only US at the moment)
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    G4 Cube Plans

    Surely a Pico PSU will not be powerful enough for the i7 rigs that people are planning! Maybe wrong though. Never looked at the different types of small psu. Thanks
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    G4 Cube Plans

    Hello, I am contemplating one of these after I've finished my G4 mod. Are you planning to use an external PSU like the original Cube? Unless you use a Mini ITX with a built in PSU I don't think there will be room for a PSU inside the case. Thanks
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    iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8 Lite Edition

    Hi, I am trying to install this on an old PC for the kids, it has a GA-G41M-ES2L, 512MB DDR2 RAM (!), Nvidia 6800 Ultra, Pentium 4 640 Prescott!!! So maybe these components are too old to get it started (except for the motherboard), but if I can get it to work on leopard then it might be quite a useful little PC! Thanks!
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    G4 Tower

    Hi, Where abouts do you live? Thanks
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    G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Will this work with a G4? I have a G4 Case + Power buttons with a G41M-ES2L that I need to hook the power buttons up to. Thanks, Ollie
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    *UPDATED* Yet another G4 Hackintosh

    Okay, bump and updated again! See the bit about the PSU
  10. Vostro15

    *UPDATED* Yet another G4 Hackintosh

    Thanks MarioMac, please see updated post
  11. Check out my progress so far! I bought the G41M in the end http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=208688
  12. Hi, Well this is the first PC that I have ever built, but not the first time I have installed OSX86. Hardware is a problem for me as I am only learning but software I am confident that I can get a fully working install with minimal fuss. Let me explain my progress so far. I have gutted my old computer (I am using most of the parts) and the PowerMac G4 QuickSilver. I have removed the old motherboard mounts etc so the new motherboard (A GA-G41M-ES2L Rev 1.0) should be able to fit down flat on it. The parts that I am using are: An old (temporary) Pentium 4 640 'Prescott' 3.2GHz Dual-core processor (LGA-775) Taken from Dell PC New GA-G41M-ES2L mATX Processor 512mb Ram (also temporary!) Taken from Dell PC A NVidia 6800 Ultra (also temporary!!) Taken from Dell PC No DVD Drive for now, the one that I was planning to use is far too long for the ram slots so I will need your advice on a small enough drive for my case and mobo combination. Okay, now for my endless list of questions... The more important questions I have put at the top How do I go about cutting the back inputs/outputs plate? I haven't collected many tools over the years so I have the basics (Power drill and your average tool kit!). The only thing I could think of was to drill around the edges until it pops out! EDIT: I have now cut it out *roughly* and I am finishing off smoothing it off with some sand paper - I used a strong hack saw in the end, put the blade in the bit where the ethernet (I think) port was before and went around from there. Can someone point me to a CPU cooler compatible with LGA775 and my CPU which is quite shallow and will not hit the PSU or whatever else it can knock into! EDIT: I have been recommended the Scythe Shuriken (Post below), would the Zalman CNPS8000T also do, I can get one cheap from a friend? Where should I place fans inside the case and what sizes? Obviously there is already a grate in place for the PSU fan and there is a grill type thing below that where a fan of some sort should eventually go but it is a strange shape (see pics). I don't plan to use the front speaker (though it would add a bit of character to it!) so I could possibly but a small fan there but I don't know, your the experts! A few people have said that I should cut two holes in the top of the case :'( but one has said that it isn't necessary Could I please have more opinions on this please! Thanks Could someone show me a graphics card which is small and cool enough to not cause any problems. I will be watching HD video 1080p and using photoshop (not at the same time) but I won't be editing video. It should be compatible with OSX so I reckon an Nvidia 9xxx card should be best... Is the a low heat 9600 of any kind?? I am looking at a (basic) 9500GT because they are short and I will get the version without the fan so it is quiet yet cool. Any objections? Apparetnly it is what comes stock (but rebranded) in a Mac Pro as the GT120... Any objections to this!! Can you point out to me a PSU which will fit perfectly into the mount and the plug and fan lines up perfectly with the back plate? My current PSU A) seems too big for the mount, it overlaps slightly and the plug is in the wrong place which means that I need to cut something which I would not be confident in doing! Okay, since I am at college and my G4 is about 50 miles away could someone check this out - http://www.ebuyer.com/product/150985 I think it is a perfect fit, but I am just looking at it and comparing it to a picture of the back of the G4... I may pull the trigger and hope that I don't have to mod anything! Is there any way that I can install 2 DVD drives into this? I have a DVD Drive that I burn a lot of stuff onto and I also have a 'Kreon' drive which I rip a lot of stuff from, if you know what I mean so it would be cool to have the two drives in at the same time, though not essential. Soo that's it (for now!) If you have any other advice that you could give me then I would be very very grateful! Thanks a lot, Vostro15
  13. All my parts have arrived except the RAM and 9800GT, could someone reccomend an install method for me please.... Snow Leopard retail prefered - I already have the disc. I also needs to be compatible for now with the 6800 Ultra and 512mb (!!!) ram that I will be using for now, until I get the 4GB around a week later. Thanks, Vostro15
  14. Do you really mean Xbox 360? If so, then you are very wrong... the Xbox 360 as a console is extremely easy to hack (compared to the PS3)! Homebrew on the console is accelerating now! I bought 4 x 2gb sticks of ram at the beggining of the summer so when I came to buy this machine I thought I was going mad! I couldn't believe that prices had gone up that much so I checked through my Amazon orders three times! Why have the prices gone up? Perhaps people can no longer afford to buy a new computer so maybe they upgrade the old one... looks like those Crucial adverts worked!
  15. Thanks booger_sniffer5000, I think I'm going to buy a PowerMac G3 tear out the innards and put the G41M in. Could you tell me how long did it took you to mount your motherboard (and how you mounted it) and which motherboard are you using? Thanks, Vostro15