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OSX on SSE ... What's this?

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What do you think?



I don't use the x86_64 emulation.

Mac OS X dev kit is not compiled for x86_64 so use qemu :unsure:





So, for Linux users, download and unpack this file.

Open target-i386/helper2.c, and add the following lines:

#ifdef TARGET_X86_64
	/* currently not enabled for std i386 because not fully tested */
	env->cpuid_features |= CPUID_APIC;
	env->cpuid_ext2_features = (env->cpuid_features & 0x0183F3FF);
	env->cpuid_ext2_features |= CPUID_EXT2_LM | CPUID_EXT2_SYSCALL;
	env->cpuid_xlevel = 0x80000008;

	/* these features are needed for Win64 and aren't fully implemented */
	env->cpuid_features |= CPUID_MTRR | CPUID_CLFLUSH | CPUID_MCA;

Compile the application in Terminal.


Anywone wanne make a Windows-port of this? Because i don't have Linux, i can't try this out.

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